Wrapping is Beautiful, at ALL ages!

We often get emails that read like this: “Dear Wrapunzel, I really want to start wrapping but I don’t think I can because of my age/face shape/height/coloring etc. etc.”  Well, we are here to tell you, ANYONE can wrap and look gorgeous!  It’s all about finding the perfect, unique style for you!  Here we have Wrapunzel ladies over 45 showing off their gorgeous wraps and telling you that “Yes, YES YOU CAN!”

50 and Proud!
50 and Proud!

“Being older and covering has been a wonderful for me.   I love saving some part of myself that is just for me and my husband. I am a garden enclosed.” Lisa Anthony (below)

“I am Yael, I am 46 and I love to wrap!
I am Italian but I live in Germany in a town with a very small community (less than 400 jews).  I am the only woman to wrap in my community, but it does not matter because I love it!” (below)
“It’s my opinion that wrapping is timeless – I feel ageless when I wrap.”
Kaylene (below)
39 years and loving it!
39 years and loving it!

“I am mid-50’s and Wrapunzel has opened up a whole new world for me!  Wrapunzel came to Columbus, Ohio for a mikvah event and proceeded to make me look like a queen.  I was amazed and instantly a fan.  I work in a professional law office and must wear a sheitel to work, and after work I was always wearing a hat of some sort.  Learning about covering my hair in a beautiful and modest way with tichels freed me from the sheitel prison. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear them.”

Emunah (below)


IMG_0631“I’ll be 69 in August and I have embraced my age and wrapping. I so enjoy color surrounding my face and the creative expression wrapping adds to tnizus (modest) dressing. As a business woman the statement wrapping makes is significant and I rather enjoy making that statement. I suppose this is the self- confidence that comes with age!  I enjoy the daily compliments from my husband—we have been married for 42 years. When he sees me come down in the morning dressed for the office and his face lights up, if for that reason alone I would wrap.”

Paola is Wraptastic!
Paola is Wraptastic!

IMG_0921 “I’ve been covering my hair for almost 40 years, since I first got married (which makes me well over 45).  I’ve worn scarves from the first day after my wedding and haven’t stopped yet. I must own over 200  scarves of varying sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics.  I believe that many times people have treated me a little differently and acted — and spoken — better because of how I dress, including covering my hair.  It’s become part of my identity and as I get older and more comfortable with myself I’m less concerned with “looking different.” I’ve gone to lots of weddings in New York where I was the only married woman (besides a very few who don’t cover at all) not wearing a wig.  My tichels have always been admired and sometimes a little envied.  I love all the new ways to wrap that I’ve learned and have been inspired to try by Wrapunzel.  Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.”

“I started Wrapping my hair in the year I turned 65. And sometimes I get something that comes out particularly lovely.  A friend of mine turned me on to Wrapunzel, and it has really taken off from there.  I love the feeling of elegance,  the creativity and finally the comfort of wrapping my hair. I love to accessorize with jewelry, long earrings and make-up.  I walk taller, am maybe a little more vain,and do not have to worry about bad hair days.  I love my silver hair, sometimes it, instead of my wraps, will be showcased.”
Judith (above)

Covering my hair makes me feel prettier and stylish.  Anissa K. Fogel 
Covering my hair makes me feel prettier and stylish.
Anissa K. Fogel
Carmen Mendez – Over 50, ticheling, and loving it! (below)

Hi I'm Eileen and I'm 57, living in Mexico City and I wrap my hair on Shabbat!
Hi I’m Eileen and I’m 57, living in Mexico City and I wrap my hair on Shabbat!

“Hi Ladies! O hope I’m not to late to the party. I’m just about to turn 47, B”H. I started covering only last spring! My husband and I have been in a journey towards more religious observance and this was one of the first mitzvot that I knew I needed to take on. I love my sari scarves! They are so easy and glamorous. I got my first last summer and they are my go to wraps when I want to feel amazing. I get so many compliments at work. It feels good- especially being the only observant Jew in the office full time. People ask about my wraps and then they ask about Shabbat and yom tov… It’s been really fun and has created better working relationships with my colleagues. You can do this!!”
Karen (above)

“Hi everyone!!
My name is Rachel (nickname: Rachela) and I have been covering my hair for over a year. I struggled with wrapping, at first, but I have come to love wrapping and dressing modestly.
Wrapping my hair reminds me that G-d is above me…it’s my “kippah”.

Many people ask me questions like “What are you?”
I respond (proudly) that I am an observant Jew.
Thank you Wrapunzel!
Thank you Andrea, Naomi, and all the Wrapunzel ladies for inspiring me!!!
Lots of Love,
Rachela” (above)

“I began covering my hair at the age of 46, on the day of my second wedding.  I was not only happy to begin covering my hair as a movement forward in my religious observance, but also as a commitment to my new life as a married woman.  In addition, it didn’t hurt to have a truly proud way to cover my grey!  I get compliments every day on how my scarves match my outfits, and how much they enhance the ‘light’ of my face and my beautiful skin.  But most important of all is how covering my hair makes me feel inside – reflecting an air of confidence and commitment in my own unique way!  “

Shari (above)

“I started covering with Israeli tichels around age 37, and for the past 3 years I’ve been covering with such a variety of different tichels. I love it!
I’m 45 now and wondered if I might be too old for this. Never! It took a bit to find the right wrapping styles that look best for me, and once I did, I feel pretty confident now. I feel fresh, colorful and very chic.
I actually feel younger! We are never too old to make a change and feel beautiful!”
Chava (above)

“I’m 55 and just having fun! Let your neshama shine through. Find ‘your’ look! I love flip fun artistic wraps that make me feel like a million bucks  and it’s a constant reminder of how awesome Hashem really is!”
Shoshana (above)
Darcy - Over 50 and Fabulous!
Darcy – Over 50 and Fabulous!
“Wrapping at 50 is NIFTY!!  When I wrap my hair, it makes me dress up everything about me. I do my eyebrows for the first time in my life. I wear makeup. I feel as a woman with a wrap I stick out, and because of that, I have to step up and represent!
I love how I look in a wrap. My life has changed so much since we moved to the big apple. I’m so glad we took the leap to move. I’m grateful to the Big Guy for clearing up some (not all) of my medical issues. Wrapping just fits with my family’s new life. Thanks, Wrapunzel!”
Miri (below)

20150424_062746_HDR“It’s Su Miller, the wrapping newbie and loving every minute of it.  I am 46 years old and I came to wrapping late in life (just a few months ago at the end of January).  The entire experience has been transformative on so many levels.  Even though I also began to feel a call to dress more modestly, I found my tichels to be so wonderfully colorful and expressive that I wanted my clothing to reflect that as well.  It is through wrapping that I feel that I have finally found myself and my own sense of style.  I also get told that I look younger since I began to wrap.  Within the first 2 weeks co-workers were asking me if I had a face lift, botox, microdermabrasion, or even just a facial.  Just the other day I was carded while buying some wine and the cashier asked if it was really my ID that I handed her because I look so much younger than the photo (I wasn’t covering in that picture).  We had a laugh about it.”

14 thoughts on “Wrapping is Beautiful, at ALL ages!

  1. I am 67 and started covering my hair last October, when my hair fell out from chemo. I have had so many ladies in there ask how I did them , I sent them all to Wrapunzel…I hope they did check out the site!.I don’t care that my hair is starting to grow back, I will cover my hair whenever I feel like it. My husband loves the look!

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  2. Yocheved R.

    Another 50 year old wrapper here! Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational post. I think that wrapping in fun colors makes my skin look brighter, and I look more energetic and refreshed. (I’m not going to say “younger”, because I like being my age.) 😀

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  3. Donna Garcia

    I love Wrapunzel and I tell a lot of people to check it out. I am 73 have alopecia on top so I choose to shave the rest. I wear tichels, hats and wigs, want to start wearing tichels more often and maybe I’ll start a trend here where I love in Big Bear, Calif. Look forward to each and every email I receive from Wrapunzel.


  4. I will be 50 in November, and I do not mind at all. But I used to think wrapping was for younger women, till I saw what Carmen Méndez does with tichels, flowers and earrings. Thank you, Carmen. 🙂


  5. Nehama

    I am also over 50 & covering my hair since I got married 31 years ago TODAY! (its my wedding anniversary) I found wrapunzel almost a year ago & since then I have been awed & nourished by it. I have been wearing mostly mitpachot since my wedding night & it’s amazing to experience the expanding number of beautiful ways to wrap! Thanks for this post – now I know that I, too, can belong to this wonderful group of women.


  6. Diane Drexler-Little

    Thank you for this posting on us more mature ladies. I am 63 and just began wrapping over a year ago after finding your videos on YouTube. And, I thought I was the only one over 50. Thanks to all of you who posted. I am still too shy to post a photo. One day, I will:)

    Thanks to wearing the tichels, I have stopped coloring my hair, and am now naturally gray. And, being creative as a fiber artist, this allows me to express myself and color coordinate with my outfits.
    And as one woman commented, I do feel I look younger (many have told me I don’t look my age), and since I have problems using make up due to facial and eye spasms and dry eye, I am using the colorful tichels to direct attention from my face.

    I tend to use the simpler wraps, due to neck and headache pain, Sometimes, the heavier pashminas are too much to add anything else, so I really love the stretch lace and the other lacy tichels to make plain pashmina or 2in1 more fancy without bulk and weight.

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    1. Diane Drexler-Little

      addendum to what I wrote:
      My husband is retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, and as a dependent, I need to renew my dependent ID card every 4 years. Well, this January, I went in and had fixed my hair underneath a simple Israeli scarf expecting that I would need to remove it for the official photo. But, no. She let me keep the tichel on for my photo. I was very happy and excited to see that it was acceptable. (Usually hats are not allowed inside military buildings including the commissary and exchange, so I was pleasantly surprised that they allowed me not only to wear my tichel inside but also for my photo:)

      I will be going to Israel the end of this month and since I have dual citizenship and am due to renew my Israeli passport, this time, my photo will be with my tichel on!


  7. Christine Glover

    I really really want to learn how to do this properly. I have watched all the videos and tried out the simpler styles – one or two work (but then often go awry later). I am a Torah observant Christian and believe covering is the proper thing to do, but end up wearing something else than these beautiful warps.


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