16 thoughts on “Wrapunzel in the OU!

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    Kol Hakavod! What a great article! And with the videos.

    I am so glad that finally the OU has recognized not only your blogs, but Wrapunzelnation! You have been an inspiration and your videos have been extremely helpful.

    I began wrapping my hair just over a year ago. I am 63 so I fit in with the older women. It has allowed me to stop coloring my hair and go naturally gray. Only my husband knows what is underneath the wrapping.

    I haven’t done much fancy wrapping as I tend to go for simple unless it is something special, and wrap everyday. One day, I will post a photo, but due to facial and eye spasms it is hard to get a good photo. Actually, wrapping my head has diverted attention from my eye and facial spasms to seeing the beautiful me.

    I buy all my scarves from Wrapunzel as I want to help support your efforts. Your videos as well as those of so many others have been so helpful. And, being a fiber artist, it is another way to express my G-d given creativity.
    Thank you!


  2. Rochel Black

    Kol HaKavod! Just a by the way, would you be able to identify the different wrap techniques that are pictured at the top of this blog? Specifically the first on the left and the middle one? Thanks!


    1. The first one on the left (naomi rose) is just a ruffled waves sash wrapped simply! It’s the ruffles in the sash that create the look! And not sure which middle one you’re referring to! Thanks!


  3. I got so excited when I received the email Wrapunzel was being featured in the OU. I thought you meant the Open University! I take my hopefully final exam tomorrow (Friday) after 5 years and 8 months. Guess I can’t get everything right 😀


    1. Diane Drexler-Little

      Pauline, what perseverance. Who cares what you wrote here. Concentrate on your final final! I have been there so I know what it is like. May Hashem guide you during your exam!


      1. Thank you Diane and Andrea. It went pretty disastrous to be honest. I won’t go into it here as it is not the place, but I will say it started off with getting locked in a toilet in the pitch black with me panicking and screaming. Always thought in dire circumstances I would keep in control, but you can never know until it happens!

        Back on the Wrapunzel theme: it is great that in the time span you have been going that you have done so well and are getting the exposure. Brilliant!


    1. Hi! Yes, as of Jan 2015 Rivka Malka moved on to some other projects and put more focus on her family life. She’s still doing amazing things, just not with Wrapunzel any more 🙂


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