What makes YOU shine?

You know, it’s funny, I sometimes get so focused on coming up with new and exciting wraps that I forget to wear the colors and styles that are really ‘me’.  As much fun as it is to invent new things, it is wonderful to fall back on a wrap that is truly classic and perfectly suited to the woman that I hope to be.  Do you ever have experiences like this?  For me it felt like stepping back into a warm bath; I just felt so natural and comfortable in my skin.

I wore this to the Chabad Gala tonight and just felt so at home, even though I was the only one there in a tichel.  (Actually that may not be true, I think I may have glimpsed one other lady in a scarf, but am not sure.)  And no sillies, I can’t afford to go to something like that as an actual guest!  I was there playing the cello, hence the mostly black outfit 🙂

Anyway, I digress!  This is what I find works best for me style-wise:
– Royal colors
– A bit of bing, but nothing too flashy
– Lots of volume, but not near my face.  I like volume at the back of my head, in a nice and round halo shape
– Hanging tails, but not too long
– Layers, but not with extreme angles

Teal shimmery WrapunzelSo… what do you think?  What styles work best for YOU? Are you a refined one scarf woman?  Do you shine most with bright colors and fun patterns?  Do angles and contrast work best for you?  Or do sophisticated appliques an sparkles make you the most beautiful?  What about volume?  High, low, round, tall, big, small, or nada?  Can’t wait to hear your responses!

Love, Andrea

18 thoughts on “What makes YOU shine?

  1. You look so beautiful! Style-wise, I wear neutrals and royal colors, very low bling, laid-back volume, and other pretty plain things–but I am so inspired by pictures of more elaborate wraps here and on facebook. Thanks for all you’ve added to my life! I would still be wearing brown pashminas exclusively if it were not for your original blog, RM’s old blog, and all that came later. It has enhanced not only my wrapping but my Judaism.


  2. Rosa Robichaud

    I am somewhat plump and short. I prefer the … I think it’s called the Royal or is it the Regal wrap. The one with no tails. But, I do wear tails…. I feel bohemian, when I do. 🙂


  3. Daphne Delouya

    Yes. Something about you wearing teal always works and looks beautiful.
    I tend to feel most like myself with two scarves (nothing too bright) and a headband or a pin. Or a regal wrap with a pashmina and a pin in the winter.
    I’ve been bothering Hedva, trying to learn how she keeps the layers so smooth against her head and all of the bulk in the back unless she has a twist or braid. I just can’t seem to manage it. I always end up with that…roll towards the back of my head. It works on you but definitely not on me. Still learning.
    I do love to wear beige. I’m surprised it’s actually ‘my color.’ Just ordered a taupe sari scarf for shabbat.
    I’m with you. I’m trying to focus on what makes me feel most like me…which colors and which ties. BH the Liezl is my go to wrap these days.


  4. Donna H.

    I think you look really beautiful and at ease with the world Andrea. I personally like tall, on-top-of-the-head styles; Nefretti styles. You have rarely if ever showcased this style and feel rather neglected. Surely I’m not the only one out there wearing scarves this way…


  5. You look beautiful in teals. I tend to look better in similar colors. My skin tone is light with a pinkish tint. I have hazel/green eyes. I find I feel best in greens, teal, purples that are rich. But I did get some summer pashminas. I got sky blue, the light green and Kelly green and they all look good. I need my volume towards the back and prefer a streamlined slimming look by my face. I love tails but also feel very comfortable and regal having all my tails tucked in. I feel so so happy in my wraps and wish I could sleep in them :).


  6. You look beautiful in teals. I tend to look better in similar colors. My skin tone is light with a pinkish tint. I have hazel/green eyes. I find I feel best in greens, teal, purples and other rich colors. I did get some summer pashminas in sky blue and two different greens and they look great. Yesterday I did the double braid with dark blue (by my face), light blue and pink salmon 2 in 1s and the colors were very complimentary. I need my volume at the back and prefer a streamlined slimming look by my face. I love tails but also feel very comfortable and regal with my tails tucked in. I just started wearing earrings again and they add so much but my ears are super sensitive so I don’t wear them everyday. I also recently started wearing headbands and love how it adds to my tichel for the day. I feel so happy in my tichels I wish I could sleep in them :).

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  7. For color, I like warm, rich, earthy, autumn colors. For style, I like height on top with no hanging tails (except for the Yerushalmi twist with the tails in the back). One scarf for weekday casual, more for anything dressier. No bling on my wraps- I add that with my jewelry. Doing all of this has left me feeling absolutely regal and beautiful, more so than with any other hair covering I’ve ever worn.


  8. Tikva Seinfeld

    You’ve always inspired me! I do try to emulate the shape that you like as I think it suits me too. My colors are muted, in neutrals and gems. But I am branching out a bit. Thank you for the inspiration!


  9. Eve Johnston

    I generally go with one scarf and a headband. I’ve found that a headband keeps things from slipping around. My go to style is a basic bun. To dress things up I add a pin or flowers and go with the double twist or occasionally a ponytail style.


  10. Penny

    Andrea you are the best Wrapbassador! You look stunning in every wrap I have seen you wear. When I lost my hair HaShem led me to this blog. Now it has become a double blessing; you are teaching me to wrap and I am falling in love with my Jewish Heritage in a profound way. Finally I walk tall for the first time beginning to understand who I am inspire of a torrid history.

    Todah rabah

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  11. Heidi Beal

    Andrea, you look beautiful in your tichels!! I am new to head covering and to the forum. I saw the most beautiful wrap a woman was wearing at a wedding we were attending and I asked her about it. She was happy to tell me about “Wrapunzel” and gave me the website. I am expecting my first package from Wrapunzel today, so excited! I guess I was lucky to place the order because I have not been able to get back onto the site since. I hope you will get the site back up soon. I was also impressed that my order was shipped within just one hour!

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  12. Bridget Rose

    I mostly wear royal colors, and was surprised to find out that I look nice in light colored wraps. I also wear wraps with short tails, since I’m still figuring out exactly *how* to tuck the ends in and not have a bit of bulkiness where the tucked in tail is.


  13. Jocelyn

    I know exactly what you are saying. i have to remind myself sometimes of the “old” wraps that always worked for me.


  14. Cheryl Anne

    Andrea, I thank you and The Lady Wrap Stars for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and try new colors and shapes, to vary the volume, and start incorporating hanging tails. Right now I am enjoying lots of new ties. I’m sure that eventually I will get back to appreciating my classic styles; that time is not now.


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