“Aren’t You Hot in That?!” How Hair Wrapping Can Help You Beat the Heat!

It is such a common question… and I don’t blame people for wondering when they see me in my long skirts, high neckline and sleeves.  How am I not roasting in the heat?  As someone that lived through four summers in Israel, I’ve learned quite a few things about dressing for hot weather.  Here is why I am not boiling under the sun, and why I actually may be cooler than someone wearing a fraction of the clothing:

Also, “What is that scarf on your head?”
It’s this one – called the Watercolor Dream – I’m in love!

9 thoughts on ““Aren’t You Hot in That?!” How Hair Wrapping Can Help You Beat the Heat!

  1. Jocelyn

    Ok I agree on most of what you said on the last video about covering up in the summer but I have to disagree with one point and that is the tichel. Yes, wearing really light weight fabrics in very hot weather is essential but what you wear underneath is also important. Having spent many hot summers on Israel I’ve learned that the lighter the liner the better as well. Many years ago my sister taught me a trick of wearing an old men’s handkerchief– folded in a triangle, tied at the back of the head, usually under my ponytail, and then pinning it at the sides. This is still one of my different undercoveringd and my primary one in the summer. As you suggested I do wet it (never thought of the freezer trick) when I’m out in the sun for an extended period but I also HAVE to wear a sun hat over everything or a very wide visor (very light sensitive skin). Sun stroke is a danger when the heat of your head has nowhere to go and is not being cooled. If you don’t feel well while in the sun Drink, drink DRINK cool water and pour some of it on your head and get-out-of-the-sun!!!
    Have a great, safe summer ladies.


    1. Yep – good advice there! And of course wearing light fabrics underneath is important as well! Sorry if I didn’t mention that 🙂 That is why our white signature shaper is perfect for the summer!


  2. Yocheved R.

    Please stock more of the ombre scarves, in summer colors! They are the only thing I can wear in the heat without getting too hot. The three colors in the scarves gives me the layered look that I love, without all the layers. I’m wearing the shaded gray one to death, and I live in fear of the day that it falls apart. I should have bought 10 of them when I had the chance!

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  3. motherendurance

    I wear a single Israeli tichel in the summer and I leave the triangle points out to shade the back of my neck. Underneath I only use a velvet headband and the big scrunchy from Wrapunzel around my bun. I find that leaving my ears out helps a lot and it’s easy to just get the whole thing wet if it gets really really hot. Add a fan and it’s all good!


  4. Erika Martínez Sousa

    I have to agree with this video :). I would like to share a fast story. I am not Jewish, and I don’t cover my hair. We (my husband and I) were just yesterday hiking south Portugal. We reached a temperature of 37 (degrees celsius) and I was wearing a light cotton 3/4 sleeve, shorts and a pony tail. While walking with this temperature like this I felt the need of covering, for healthy reasons ! I had a scarf on my bag, just ’cause I felt a little chilly in the early morning and brought it with me. I took it out and thought instantly of the Wrapunzel Community ! It (for me) was a wild idea to do a “regal wrap” on my head, just because, as I mentioned, Judaism is not my religion and culture. So, without a no-slip head band, no shaper/volumizer, and never wrap before… I did my first regal wrap with a long rectangular scarf ! You can imagine the floppiness of it, but I was extremely happy because it protected me and saved me from sun stroke ! I also would’ve liked a skirt, rather than shorts (I got sunburnt on my legs).
    I just wanted to thank you all Wrapunzel ladies and community, you are touching many people’s lives ! Warm greetings from Spain ! Besos !

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  5. Rae

    I have been scouring the internet but haven’t yet found exactly what I am after and think wrapunzel should stock for the summer, namely a tie-on sun visor. I am envisaging something pretty, like in a woven straw or similar material, wide enough to cover the face and keep the sun out of the eyes for the headache prone like me but with ties, either strings or even sash-like material that can tie on over a tichel creation in such a way that it is very adjustable to fit in with whatever style tichel is worn, high turban, low bun, whatever. Does anyone else think this would be a great summer wardrobe addition? I have been experimenting with some visors in the meanwhile, elasticated are too tight, unless they just grip my bun which often looks strange, floppy sun hats are only ok if I am only wearing a thin israeli tichel under otherwise they don’t fit over everything.

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  6. Laurel

    No matter how “light” the fabric is that you wear in the heat, if it’s not made of 100% NATURAL fabric, it’s not going to keep you cool. This video mentioned the word “organic” several times, but organic fabrics are expensive and hard to find. Natural fabrics however (eg, cotton, linen, flax, silk) aren’t hard to find and by all means, should be worn in hot weather. Artificial fabrics like Rayon, Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Nylon et al–no matter how lightweight they are–will not keep you cool. There are other reasons to stay away from artificial fabrics, like toxicity, etc. If interested see: http://bodyecology.com/articles/top_6_fabrics_you_should_avoid_wearing.php

    That said, very good point about how those who live in extremely hot climates cover their bodies completely with light, natural fabrics. (You said ‘organic’ but I think you meant ‘natural’; the concept of ‘organic’ (pesticide-free) was probably a non-issue to the Bedouins you discussed.) Here’s an example–a vintage photo of Yemenites walking on foot, ostensibly towards their freedom. Their shoes may be negligible, if at all, but their clothes cover most their bodies:



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