Rachel: Retro Glam! (Pesach Edition)

Here at Wrapunzel, one topic we get questions about time and time again is how one goes about matching tichels to their outfits. While some choose their outfit first, others  start with a scarf and many more are “switch hitters”, so to speak, alternating between the two. Most days I definitely fall into that last category, going with the flow and waiting for inspiration to strike.

However, last week, with the first night of Pesach quickly approaching, I had an awesome minimalist dress (my husband’s choice) to start with and absolutely no clue what to pair it with. The end result was a look that I got more compliments on than almost any I’ve worn before and its simplicity is truly what made it a FABULOUS tichel. At our Seder, my family simply adored it!

One Scarf Challenge – Yeah!

So, where did I start? Well, given that any color can go with black, I had a totally blank canvas- one that almost anything in my extensive tichel-wardrobe would match. This might sound like a good thing, but I felt totally intimidated and had no clue which direction to go! Alas, I had to start somewhere and my first attempt was what is almost always my fancy outfit go-to: The Shimmery. I tried a Layered Waterfall Twist using blues… then pewter and black… and then mulberry. Yet, they all felt too “loud” to go with this dress. Liking the idea of something sparkly, I moved on to my trusty green Shiny-licious, tied in a Chignon. While the green did then inspire other parts of my outfit, the scarf itself still felt like it was too much and did not match my rather subdued pre-Pesach mood.

It was then that inspiration struck and my epiphany happened: What I needed was a simple black Silky Square! Given that it’s not an oblong-shaped scarf and is therefore out of my comfort zone, I knew that my options for tying it would be limited, but this was exactly what I needed. Not to mention that its sheen matched my dress perfectly! Before putting it on my head, I added an olive drab jacket and matching suede boots (Thanks to that green Shiny-licious’ inspiration!), adding a slightly-edgy touch and bringing me closer to what ultimately became this completed look:

Now came the most important part- tying on this luxurious-feeling scarf and adding accessories! With a simple side-knot, my husband told me that I was looking like a retro movie starlet, so I knew that the finishing touches would have to match. Pearls seemed like an obvious choice (and are a personal favorite of mine), so I added my Galaxy Glimmer Pin, vintage pearl necklace and some over-the-top sparkly Art Deco-era earrings (clip-ons, no less!). In a previous lifetime, I might never have mixed gold and silver together like this, but rarely concern myself anymore with committing “fashion faux pas.”.



Well, Wrapunzelistas, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! For those celebrating Pesach, I wish you a chag kasher v’sameach! If you Wrapunzelistas are up for it, tell me, which do you choose first? Your outfit or your tichel? I’d love to hear all about the process you use in the comments section below this post!


9 thoughts on “Rachel: Retro Glam! (Pesach Edition)

  1. I love it, too! You look so beautiful!!!

    Just a few days before, I was standing in front of my closet without any clue what to wear. I chose a simple grey-dark turquoise- striped t-shirt (didn’t have many alternatives left). I love the colours, but it’s kind of a prisoners-pyjama-style. It didn’t look very fancy at first. But then I added a tichel. It is a three colour scarf: it goes from light blue over light green to dark turquoise. With some earrings and a pin in silver-green suddelny what I had there was an outfit! I was so happy and just felt like a duchess… The pin and the scarf where my late grandmother’s and the earrings where a gift my aunt gave me a few years before she died, too. Therefore I had a slightly elegant but still simple outfit, honouring two of the most important women in my life! Great experience! And I had to think of Wrapunzel all day 😉


  2. Meira Atik

    I switch hit like you. Sometimes I choose based on the outfit and sometimes the scarf is screaming at me and I choose the outfit from that. And sometimes, it’s the accessories that do the trick. Back in December, my cousin was getting married and I was trying to choose which outfit I would wear to the wedding. But then I had an idea for earrings and the rest followed.


  3. Amy

    The folding you’ve done on top is amazing! Also, what kind of tie did you do? I’ve found that the more scarves I’ve gotten the more I pick out my outfit first and then the scarf to go with, but when I only had a few scarves, I just wore something that matched one of the scarves. So, for me it was dependent on how many scarves I had in my wardrobe. Thx for sharing!


  4. Mirja Haukisaari

    I’m a switcher too, like Meira said my inspiration varies from the scarf to the outfit and accessories, sometimes even the makeup is the basis.

    I’ve bought some square silky scarves lately and this is a nice push towards wearing them this spring and summer. 🙂


  5. TJ

    I mix things up, sometimes picking an outfit then matching a scarf to it and other times falling in love with a wrap and crafting an outfit to work with it. My new favorite thing is tans, taupes, and other non-black neutrals. I love how those colors lend themselves to either strategy.


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