8 thoughts on “Lots of lots!

  1. Lynn Mate-Cramer

    i love it….but sitting so far back on your head, even w a volumizer and/or wig grip- how do you keep it from popping off?…at least it would pop off my punkin haid! 😉


      1. Cynthia Doniger

        I think we need your “TIPS ON WIG GRIPS” tutorial cause I am not having a lot of success using it—I must be doing something wrong 😦


  2. Sharon

    The volume in the back looks really nice. It’s sometimes hard for me to pull this off if the scarf is too heavy because it causes me to get headaches. I’ve been trying to look for light scarves to wear.


  3. Rachel

    ❤ this one! I wore something similar last week but had to change my wrap after lunch because my neck was hurting. I'm new to covering…does anyone else have this issue?


  4. Chana Blair Klein

    I am very very grateful to HaShem for giving my husband another chance after suffering the past two weeks in the hospital with his chronic illness with fevers up 104 and in a very life threatening situation. It is so good to have him back at home with the family and tonight preparing for our Shabbos meal at home and not in the hospital.


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