Volume How-To

Ever wondered how to get that perfect bun and amount of volume at the back of your headwrap?  Here is the secret solution!  (Well, not so secret anymore.)

Actually, I gave you a grand total of 7 solutions in this video!

Here are the links to some of the places I mentioned in this video (fyi – these resources are not sponsored… just ones that I have used and/or know!)

The volumizer can be found through Judith de Paris.  And on facebook.  Judith is a lovely woman.  You can talk to her personally if you need advice on what size to get etc. – or just ask me for help!

The hijab hump bonnet can be found on ebay through this seller.  It comes from Malaysia so you need to have some patience when waiting for it, but there was a lovely handwritten note included.  I’m thinking of buying a cotton one from them as well.

My post on how to make it look like you have a huge bun using a long scarf is here.

The volumizer that can be made out of a loofah has a couple of diy tutorials on youtube.  Here is one that someone sent to me.

And this is what the hair donut I was describing looks like:

38 thoughts on “Volume How-To

  1. I love the wrap you’re wearing in this video. Please tell me there will be a tutorial! Btw, I have one of the caps from Malaysia, and mine isn’t lace. It’s very much like the Judith de Paris volumizer, but it has a little tie at the bottom for extra security. I have a hijab “hump” style one, too. They are slightly different from the lace ones. 🙂


  2. mimimi1

    i dont know why you would support anyone or tell others to spend their money on someone wont sell to anyone living in israel. it says in bold red letters that they wont ship to israel on the ebay page.


    1. I did not mean to cause anyone any offence. I showed the resources that I currently am aware, of which there are not many! What you’re saying is interesting, because there are numerous Muslims living in Israel, so I’m not sure the assumptions are correct. It’s more likely that they are unable to ship because of the strict border policies. Israel might not allow such orders to come from Malaysia. Maybe these sellers have had issues in the past and don’t want people ordering from there because they won’t receive their packages. (I have had issues with packages coming through customs into Israel, and that’s coming from Canada!) Anyway, if you would like, I can ask. The person I spoke to from there before was not anti-semitic.


      1. … also can’t seem to find what you are referring to. Maybe it’s because I’m in the US. Are you in Israel? Perhaps it’s only showing up for you to let you know that you are unlikely to get your package if you were to buy from them.


      2. cindercyn

        Andrea if you click on the “see details” next to the shipping it does say excludes Israel and indeed it might be a customs issue as I have had problems shipping to Israel from the US….but maybe we should ask why the exclusion.


    2. Received a reply from the company when I asked why this is the case: Malaysian Post is not able to ship to Israel and this is their only carrier available for shipping. This is a customs issue. He/she sends apologies, wishes that this was not the case, and wants to clarify that the company is not anti-semitic or anti-Israel.


      1. Taycia

        Thanks for the clarification on that! I figured it was something silly like that. Customs is a crazy thing, and you never know what will end out being denied. On the lace cap i tie the strings up over the bun to make it more snug and creates more of a ‘bun’ shape. Its just the way i like it, and its not fore everyone. The ties always got in the way when i was tucking so i looped them over one day to see if it would work 🙂


    3. Malka Mijal

      You could find a voluminizer at King George almost with Jaffo Street, in Yerushalaim, or in the shuk ramble any iom sheini vaboker close to canion Malha. Hope this help You. Jag sameaj


  3. LeeAnn

    Love love love the tichel you are wearing! I also enjoyed your video. So cute! Thank you for all the tips. I may someday get a volumizer but haven’t decided yet as I have a ton of hair.


  4. Mirka K.

    Thank you!

    Now I (am going to) have a some sort of volumizer too! First I was introduced to grip band and received it today from an Etsy seller and now I found that eBay seller. I have tried to find a volumizer from eBay before but I have had wrong kind of search words. Now I was able to click directly there, thank you! I am so grateful that I have found your kind of helpful people online helping with all these tips and tricks because there really isn’t anyone here helping me. I am the only non-muslim in my area covering hair.

    I don’t know why they don’t sell these things in Europe or maybe in places I can’t seem to find. Delivery charges from the US are horrendous so that is not an option usually. But we are planning a trip to Israel for our 5th year anniversary next year. I am going to hoard scarves and accessories then 🙂

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  5. Another good idea, I think, is to use a hair flower clip – a really large one with lots of petals, something like this: http://www.prettycool.co.uk/user/products/large/large-pink-fabric-flower-hair-clip-9010-p.jpg
    I guess it can be bought rather cheap practically anywhere, and it stays securely in place on your bun. Also, if by any chance your tichel slips off or comes undone (not a very pleasant situation, but such things do happen sometimes :)), it’s not as embarassing to have a hair clip revealed to the world as to get a sock or something similar suddenly displayed for everyone to see 🙂
    And let me use this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful site! It’s so great and inspiring to find other women who cover and to be able to share the experience!


  6. I ordered volumizer caps from this Malaysian seller and shipping took only nine days after I had placed an order. Shipping items to Europe seems to be relatively quick 🙂


  7. Tess Giles Marshall

    Andrea, I just today found your site and am entranced by the head wrapping possibilities. Head covering is something I’m looking into at the moment. Anyway, I’m based in the UK and found the following site, which is actually for Muslim women but has a fantastic selection of tube underscarves and headbands which look like they may be helpful. They say they will ship worldwide.


  8. I really liked this video, thank you for sharing. It was helpful in figured out ‘how’ to get that bun. I have only recently been experimenting with some coverings and couldn’t figure out: why the heck my naturally thick hair looked flat under wraps. I might try the easy-pleasey (pricewise) sock method LOL


  9. TJ

    This video is just what I have been looking for! The bun scarf wrap has always been my favorite tie but losing my hair, while not making it impossible to wear, certainly made it more difficult and the end result less functional and attractive. I’d wind up with a flat little misshapen knot that sat so close to the nape of my neck that it got in the way every time I tilted my head back.

    I used the basic idea of this video to rig up my own cheap version of a volumizer with a hair “donut” held in place by a net wig cap and an under bonnet for a hijab. The trick I’ve been looking for is finding something that can be put on with no hair for support and is secure. Even having a little hair makes conventional means to achieve volume doable but you are the only person I have found to give workable solutions for those of us with nothing. Anyway, thank you so much for this video!


  10. I believe the doughnut thing at the end of the post is a type of “hair rat”. Traditionally you would collect your hair from your daily brushing and roll it into a sort of log shape to use to add volume, now the most common way to do it is pantyhose and fiber fill (aka pillow or stuffed animal stuffing). There are lots of tutorials on how to make hair rats.


  11. Laurie Stern

    Hi Andrea,
    I love your scraf wrap in this video. Do you have a video on this wrap. Love the scarf too.


  12. I ended up making my volumiser/hair donut. I took the two loofah tubes as per the tutorial (one inside the other) and rolled it back against itself. nowhere near as poofy and it has form so it won’t get squished.


  13. Amanda

    I have long hair and it is thick, I know it sounds silly for me to be interested in volumizer information-but buns give me headaches. Before wrapping I wore my hair down as much as possible because of the pull of a ponytail or bun. Is it possible to tuck your hair into a volumizer cap without securing it into a ponytail? I use a velvet headband so I don’t have to make my natural bun so tight anymore, but if I didn’t have to make a bun at all I think it would be better!

    Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer!


    1. Hi! I have the same issue you do! I don’t cover all the time (yet?), but my long, thick hair makes buns and ponies pull something awful. I like to do “milkmaid” or french braids. These spread the weight all over my scalp, rather than pulling in one place. Milkmaid braids can also add some volume at the top and sides! Then you can use a volumizer with wadded-up scarf or Andrea’s “huge bun using a long scarf” trick linked above.


  14. Wonderful information; thank you so much. I am not Jewish, but I am an actor and dancer, and desperately needed information on how to properly do very elaborate looking head-covers. This webpage is PERFECT. 🙂 Reminds me of medieval royalty!


  15. Nafeesa

    Hi there! Have you seen the DIY volumising scrunchie made with a shower puff? It’s all the rage with Hijabis at the moment and I love using this because it’s mouldable as well and a lot lighter than other volumising options I’ve tried in the past.. All you need is a shower puff and some elastic… Have found a tutorial. I find it works well if I have a thinner scarf wrapped around it to fill I the “gap” between my head and the scrunchie … http://youtu.be/q0S1Qn6uUQA

    Peace x


  16. Angelina

    I think a Paranda/parandi would work great as well to add to the bulkyness! In the picture (from last years viking show-fight in southern Sweden) I wear a paranda. An extension of hair that also allows you to gather all the small ends AND braid all the way past the hairs end o get wawes all the way down!

    When worn as a bun I coil the seriously long tail to the back of my head around itself and secure it by tucking the end underneath all the other coils. It sits fairly secure even though you don’t have bobby pins or other fastening-gadjets. And I imagine that this would be one very practical way to get your hair in order and add bulk and then add the scarves ontop of the coiled/bunned paranda. 🙂


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