Wedding Wear! Mazal Tov!!

I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday; the daughter of an incredible family we are close with got married!  It truly was an occasion.  Of course I made sure to take some photos of outfit and tichel inspiration!  First I want to show you this dress that I got from… a lady on the Wrapunzel facebook page recommended it and I was very impressed!  (Nope, I’m not getting anything from them for making this post – just want to share the awesomeness!)  A lot of their dresses can be customized to all kinds of modesty standards, and they really value their individual customers – a truly special website!  I’m going to share this post with them to encourage more dresses that a customizable for different tzniut (modesty) standards, so everyone please leave a comment on this post telling them that this would be a good idea!!

Here is the dress!  (With the % discount they had featured and $25 first timers discount it came out to a whooping $30 with all the customization!)

And here is the inspirational Rivka Malka!  We are loving this dress she has… she got it in Israel.  We really want to just make it in every single colour… maybe in the future this dream will come true!  Both of our outfits were just made to move in, and if any of you have ever been to an orthodox Jewish wedding you’ll know that crazy dancing is essential!  We always make sure that our outfits and tichels can withstand lots of this!

And of course, some close ups of our tichels!  I’m wearing two “THE Shimmery” scarves – the gold one that you’ll all recognize from my collection that I’ve had for years, and a new navy one – they all WILL be available on the new store site!!  You can imagine how ecstatic I was when we found them for you!  And Rivka Malka is rocking the leopard print with a sparkly headband and sash!  Awesome!

What do you wear to weddings?  We want to hear from you!   And please also leave a comment here telling that we would love more modest dresses from them!

Love, Andrea

32 thoughts on “Wedding Wear! Mazal Tov!!

  1. Jo Rawal

    I think you forgot to add the smiles you both are wearing!! Modesty is a foreign concept in my neck of the woods but weddings do tend to be more solemn which in turn encourages more modest clothing. You both look fabulous and the tichels are amazing.


  2. Nuri

    I love eshakti. I don’t buy off the rack dresses anymore because A. I’m a difficult size to fit B. modesty is such a problem with stylish clothes and C. I hate shells with a passion. Now I never have to wear them again! They may be a bit more expensive then the cheap dress you can pick up in the suk, but the quality and design is totally worth it. I’m so glad you featured them. I’m also glad to hear you wear your tichel to weddings. I was actually pressured at a recent close friends wedding to wear a shatel as the mother of the bride thought tichels weren’t fancy enough for a wedding. I think they are very fancy and you look great.


    1. You can share this post with them! I should have taken more photos of other ladies at this wedding… while sheitels were still in the vast majority there were at least 5 STUNNING tichels being worn!


  3. I so love both dress’s and tichels. I’ve been changing my wardrobe slowly but surely ever since I started wrapping. It’s a conviction that took over my soul and I embraced with so much love. I just feel genuinely happy. It’s lonely sometimes because I’m the only one at work that cover’s, but…I’m happy 🙂 BTW… please make more modest dresses, it’s so hard to find them out here! 😉


  4. Stunning! I have wanted to order from eShakti for a while now! I love your choice!
    It would defiantly be amazing for them to open up more choices for modesty standards!!
    Mazal Tov to the new couple! 🙂


  5. Alison

    What a wonderful website is! I just played around with customizing some dresses to make them more comfortable (and modest), and now I want, like, 5! I know where I am going to get my next special occasion dress from.


  6. These are beautiful!

    I would order from them today except for my tzniut is more comfortable in dresses and skirts with ankle lengths. I don’t like to show any of my legs at all. Maybe in the future they’ll have some longer customization options?


    1. TJ

      Eshakti is expanding options for skirts cut to the ankle on more of their dresses. It’s not available on every dress so you have to do a little searching but I’m seeing it offered more frequently. Sometimes if you email customer service they can accommodate special requests that don’t show up in the standard menu of customization options too.


  7. Yvonna

    My daughters colors are blues. The blue you have on your tichel. The wedding us in June so I need something that I won’t sweat horribly. Please email me pic’s of you sets that will work. Blessings,


    1. Yvonna

      You don’t have to post this or my other message. You both are beautiful. Also, what are views on nose rings? I was asked to ask 🙂


  8. frumachava

    I only wear dresses like these! It would be wonderful to be able to find modest dresses to enjoy and feel beautiful in. Ladies, as always, you are stunning!


  9. Chana

    You guys inspire me so much! Both beautifully tzinut and so nicely dressed. What an example of a jewish Regal woman! blessings!!!


  10. What I would want in a custom dress is the option for extra long sleeves. I have super long monkey arms, and a tattoo on my wrist that I’d like to keep under wraps. I also want a crew neckline that covers the collar bones, and a 3/4 “tea length” skirt. See? I’m not hard to please! LOL

    I swear, your posts just keep getting prettier and prettier. Just when I think you and your friends can’t get any more stunning, you do!


  11. Henaynei

    A web store that customized to size and tzniut standards would be a dream come true! What a wonderful potential find!
    P.S. you both look quite lovely in your wedding combos 😉


  12. Selina

    i LOVE everything in this post!!! you both look so beautiful!! you wear nice dresses, but what’s even more glowing, is your stunning smiles!


  13. sahar

    I really like the way you guys tied your tichels! Also, Andrea, thank you for pointing out the site eshakti. I just ordered something from them. It is so great to find dresses that are custom fit with long sleeves and below the knees!! Thanks


  14. Anne.

    I’m sorry if this seems rude, but I’m not Jewish, I actually thought about converting, but I gave up. Was showing me a “Judaism” extremely prejudiced and sexist. I love your blog is really perfect, I would use until the Tichel, even I not being Jewish. I have cousins ​​who are Muslims and according to these “Jews” I would have to stand against them. So please, show me the good side of Judaism. Especially the Orthodox. Please.


    1. Hi Anne! I’m sorry that you saw such a negative side of Judaism. Please know that what you saw is not ugliness of Torah, but simply the fact that human beings are human beings and all of us have a lot of work to do (which is why we’re here!)
      Nowhere have I ever read or learned that Jews have to stand against Muslims. In my humble opinion (and many others) that is not Judaism. It is true that there is a lot of prejudice nowadays and both sides feel like they “have” to hate each other. This is simply not true. Muslims ARE our cousins (according to the Torah!) and I am lucky to say that I know many inspirational Muslims and count many as friends. There is MUCH hope for the future.
      Again, I’m sorry you have experienced such negativity and hope that you will experience the infinitely beautiful and positive aspects of Judaism soon. There are so many sources online that I can share with you… feel free to write to me ❤


    2. Shemen Sason

      Anne, I applaud you, and thank you for your willingness to be open. I’d like to get to know you more. Maybe we can be friends :). Feel free to write me also, if you’d like to.
      Your comment makes me wonder if a heart to heart interacting type blog might be a good idea. I’ve thought about starting one. Maybe we can call it Daughters of The King, Heart to Heart! What do you think? (Anyone?)

      Oh, and Andrea, thanks for addressing this dear lady :). I appreciated your reply.
      Torah truly is LOVE!


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