Post Shabbat Tichel Snap!

I’m wearing my favourite sari scarf again… I just can’t get enough of it!  Also super excited about this new sash (yes it’ll be available in the store) that just takes everything up a notch without any effort.  Notice how different the sari scarf looks when I’m wearing a thicker scarf underneath – more volume at the sides and back!  (Try comparing to this post.)  

Also notice the sparkly brown scarf underneath… another one of my all time favourites!
sari scarf andrea grinberg wrapunzel


Shavua tov everyone!!!  Looking forward to a beautiful week!  ❤

5 thoughts on “Post Shabbat Tichel Snap!

  1. Beauteous! I just can’t wait for the store’s reopening and the spring collection!
    Also- thanks so much for the slue of videos on Wrapunzel’s YouTube channel! They were great! 🙂


  2. Sandra

    Hello Andrea!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but haven’t commented yet. I had wanted to a few times, but didn’t, because I knew it would be a long comment and it would take some time to get it right, as English is not my native language. So now at last I want to say thank you for all the inspiration!

    I stumbled across your blog at a time when I was somewhat frustrated with my haircovering and had already been told, rather insistingly, that with that face of mine I would never ever be able to wear scarves without looking plain ugly. I decided to prove them wrong, but was indeed somewhat at a loss when it came to hairwrapping. I knew I wanted to wear scarves (though I do wear hats sometimes when I’m in a hurry), but I couldn’t figure out how to wrap them in a more flattering style than the one that had earned these comments or how to make them stay safely in place so as not to look tumultous at the end of the day. But as my partner – the only one whose opinion mattered on this question – liked my scarves and encouraged me, I kept on trying. No one among my friends or family covers their head, and scarves are generally unusual in the country I live in, except for Muslim women (which I’m not – but I’ve always admired their dignified demeanour and appearance). So there was no one to ask. So when I came across your blog, it was immensely inspirational and helpful.

    I’ve tried many of your wraps and learned a lot by it so far. My family still isn’t too happy with my choice to cover my head, but they accept it by now, and even they do admit that it looks much better now than in the beginning.
    And what’s maybe even more important to me than the aesthetic aspect is that reading your thoughts on headcovering and the thoughts of all the guests on the blog have shown me many more facets of the meaning of headcovering and are making me think, again and again, about my own headcovering choice, discovering ever new dimensions of it I wasn’t even conscious of at the beginning.

    Well, it did become a long comment. To come to a conclusion, I just want to say thank you again – and the wrap you show in this post is a particularly gorgeous one!

    With kind regards,


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