You’ve seen this scarf before… but I’m obsessed!!

Hi ladies!!  Check out this new way to wrap your sari scarf!  It’s a normal tie, just with the lines on an angle… and then the pin is placed at the top of the head instead of the side like I’m used to!  Yay happy experiments!  What do you think?

And do y’all think it’s about time I got myself another sari scarf?  😛

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day!
Love, Andrea

17 thoughts on “You’ve seen this scarf before… but I’m obsessed!!

  1. motherendurance

    Honestly, you cannot go wrong with that scarf, and if I were you I would have them in every colour by now – so yes, I think you need another one. I am liking the in-front pin thing – it’s very 1920’s silent movie star turban-esque!


  2. Lynn Maust

    I do like your pin on the almost top…very nice! I can’t post a comment because I don’t have any connection to do so….


  3. wraptastica

    I like it when rivka wears her pins like this, but I think you look best when it’s down lower. I think it’s because it looks like she gives her wraps more height than you do. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this Sari. You ladies are so inspirational. I tried a turban style yesterday for the first time, but my favorite is a tichel braid or double twist off to the side. I think I’ll reserve the turban for the hot summer months. I love it how a different wrap technique can change the whole style.


  4. frumachava

    You are amazing. I like the pin either way. I love the wrap on the angle. It does give it a different look! Definitely time for more sari scarves! I have 3! Whatever happened to your purple one? That’s the one I covet. Oops, shouldn’t covet, but gosh I love purple! You are stunning, as ALWAYS!


  5. Velma

    I have bought some old saris to make myself a jewel tone sari scarf, purples, blues and greens. I like this style. I’ll have to try it after I finish my scarf


  6. Sandra

    Your obsession with this scarf is totally understandable! And it looks great with the purple scarf underneath.
    I like the pin as it is – maybe it could look strange if it was really on top and in the middle (haven’t seen this yet, so I’m not sure), but it’s still slightly asymetrical, and that works fine.


  7. I am biased for this sari scarf as I have the same colour! The pin looks nice but I prefer it further down like you normally have it. I have experimented with pins/flowers etc and I have always ended up putting them near my ear or on the top/bottom of any braids/dangles etc. Great to experiment but always go for what suits you best.


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