A Pleasant Tichel Surprise!

This morning was definitely one of those “run around and throw on whatever catches your eye first” kind of mornings.  It was only later in the afternoon when my husband saw me and said, “Wow I think that is one of my favourite tichels that I’ve seen you wear.  Ever.” that I realized that I actually had something pretty nice going on!  The combination of the Sari Scarf with the Israeli Tichel was nice enough… but the angled sequin headband just made it super awesome!

Wrapunzel Sari Scarf with Israeli Tichel and Sequin Headband

I’m so excited because we finally (finally!) found more sequin headbands for y’all… and they are going to knock the ball out of the park!  Can’t wait to share them with you!  (Hopefully early next week!)

Wrapunzel Sari Scarf with Israeli Tichel and Sequin Headband

Have you ever had a “tichel surprise” like this happen to you?  Like, when you don’t even remember putting it on and then later in the day you are surprised to find out that there’s actually something pretty fantastic going on there?  It definitely made me smile to realize!

All my love,

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