My Husband’s Fashion Sense

So my hubby saw this new Shiny Licious color last week and was like “Andrea you have to get this for yourself!”
Me – “Wha-really? But you don’t like when I wear black!”
Yonatan – “First of all you look beautiful in black, but this one is really more gold!”
I got it, and yesterday he saw it in my closet and said, “That one would really look great with your gold roses headband!”
So I took the hint, and this morning he took one look at me and commented on how lovely it looked, and then said, “Wait wait wait a minute – YOU are listening to MY tichel advice?!?!”
Wonders never cease 🙂 He does have good taste though, don’t you think?

13 thoughts on “My Husband’s Fashion Sense

  1. Aliyanna

    Consider yourself super blessed that your husband thinks your beautiful. And cares enough to encourage and help you. Many of us are not.


  2. Jamilah

    I love it! Is that for sale? I must have it. LOL My husband says that Wrapunzel has me wrapped around their finger, LOL! Seriously I now have a scarf/accessory line on my budget.

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  3. Laurel

    He has excellent tastes! Tell him to weigh in more often; make himself heard! Do a Guest blog-post some day? 😉 Maybe it’s time to get some male participation!


  4. You have a great husband! My husband loves every head wrap I do. I think it is so he doesn’t get blinded by my shiny bald head! Not really, he just loves the head wraps, brooches and head bands and dangly earrings. he has even bought most of them for me.. ;D


  5. Diane Drexler-Little

    I agree Andrea, your husband has great taste, too, in that he married you:) I love black but never realized the gold in that tichel, either. It looks great on you, too.


  6. Melkha Katz

    Perfect ! Your husband has good fashion sense. My husband has great fashion sense as well, the thing is my husband is color blind ! He can’t tell you What the color is but he knows what works together and what doesn’t.


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