Shabbat White ~ (with a little Canadian thrown in!)

I was so happy with my Shabbat tichel that I wore it on Friday night AND Saturday during the day!  I don’t know why I’ve never tried putting the white shimmery and white shinylicious together before… they were made for each other!  And of course I couldn’t help adding some lace to top it off!

It's so pretty!!!
It’s so pretty!!!

I only realized later that the dark red and white colours (that’s right, it’s coloUrs :P) made me look very Canadian.  I’m not one to tout my nationality, but it definitely made me smile!

For those that are wondering… I do attempt to wear white on Shabbat when I can.  My husband wears all white (yes, even the shoes!) so it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up, but I at least don’t wear black on Shabbat.  The white reminds us that on this day we are elevated, ethereal, and closer to the infinite than during the week.  I must admit, that wearing white tichels and clothing truly reminds me of this, and I hope to do it more often!

How do you feel about wearing white?

Love, Andrea

9 thoughts on “Shabbat White ~ (with a little Canadian thrown in!)

  1. Rachel

    I love your Shabbat Tichel. I’m always wearing a white Tichel and a white blouse on Shabbat. I pair them with a long black skirt but that’s because I only own long black skirts and a white one for the High Holidays.


  2. akee83

    You look beautiful in white and the symbolisem is lovely but personaly i really dislike wearing white, so much that I wanted to wear a green or black weddingdress. Hubby said no to black and in the end I wore white since I that was my only option if I whanted too buy a ready made. (I was very pregnant when we married) but I didn´t feel like my self in a white dress. My white shimmery is the only white scharf I own. /Kajsa


  3. TJ

    I love wearing white and I think the white and red combo looks awesome! I associate white with holiness and a focus on the divine but many other colors have significance in my faith tradition and one of my favorite things to do is add the wearing of the appropriate liturgical color to my celebration of major feasts, seasons, and holidays.


  4. Diane Drexler-Little

    I love the white with the red accent. It looks great on you. Having lived in Maine, I kniw the Canadian colours quite well:)
    I have been traveling lately so to pack light, I have been wearing the new Wrapunzel off white Israeli tichel with the silver.

    For both erev and day for Yom Kippur, I wore the Wrapunzel white pashmina with the white lace triangle tichel. It was comfortable, and I felt like the Bat Melech. And of course went well with my white top. I did try the Wrapunzel shimmery top, but it was too itchy for me. I am very sensitive to itchy fabrics and even remove tags (including the ones in the tops I have from Wrapunzel). I have the white shimmery so I will have to try it.

    Thanks for all the great ideas.

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  5. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg

    love the look. Shabbat is truly a good time to wear white and I also try to wear some white at least at night. How very patriotic of you to match it with red.


  6. Tikva Seinfeld

    I love this combo! I can see it so many different color combos! ( yes, I’m Canuck too) pleeeeaaaaaase do a tutorial on it! I just can’t pair up my shinilicious with anything! It’s so frustrating. I just find it too bulky? Thank you!!!


    1. Diane Drexler-Little

      Andrea, I agree with Tikva on a tutorial on how to do the shinilicious and one with the shimmery. I have them and have a hard time making them work. And for an Israeli touch, how about using blue lace instead if the red?

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  7. I like wearing white, but I don’t have many white items at the moment. When I do wear white, I have to make sure that I’m not going to be eating spaghetti. It seems that spaghetti sauce has an affinity for white clothes. Oh! I must find a white skirt or dress and tights in time for Easter. I guess I’ll need white shoes too! Good thing my birthday is between now & then!


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