Pin Tutorial!!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg
It’s all about the pins!

This one has been a long time coming!  Finally, a tutorial all about putting pins into your tichel!

Andddd what am I wearing on my head in the beginning/during the video?  Sometimes it’s best to just stick to what you love, and today I decided to wear comforting tichels and an accessory that I just know is totally “me”.  My favourite green pashmina, a gorgeous green sari sash, and the vintage beauty headband.  Such a happy day to be wearing this!

Lots of love, and happy pinning!  Enjoy the tutorial!!

9 thoughts on “Pin Tutorial!!

  1. Chanah

    I really like the round flower pin that looks pearl white. (I have a purple one.) Perhaps they could be sold separately? The vintage pin is also very pretty.


  2. Donna H.

    I am trying to get some information so I can place an order, but my emails are not being answered and when I used the phone number given on Wrapunzel, the number was for a public school in Chicago…I kid you not. Andrea please reach out to me through my email so that I can get some answers and place my order. thanks.


  3. Jane

    Hi Andrea, I stopped this video half way through as I couldn’t wait to ask this question! – so not sure if it was answered further on in the clip – but what wrap did you do with your green pashmina and sari sash for this pin video? If it’s not one already covered, a tutorial would be great as I think this style with a twist, low knot and long tails is one of my favourite looks! Thank you!


  4. I love the pins, but one I got the pin part snapped in half the 2nd time I used it, I have been haunting craft stores to see if I can just find a new pin to replace the broken one with. I haven’t checked online yet, but I am sure some crafty store will have it. What I have done with some of my “odd” shaped pins is to attach it to a headband and then pull that on, it is very easy to do and easy on the fingers!


  5. Hello, Andrea!
    The clasp you are talking about has a “technical” name. They are called C clasps 😀
    Sometimes it’s really that simple 😉
    The other types of clasps are collectively called “safety clasps”, as the C clasp is not only easy to close, it sometimes opens by itself and the brooch can easily fall and disappear. Has happened to me a couple of times.

    And then a tip for “punxxxipunxxi” – if you can’t find a suitable brooch backs from a craft store, use an ordinary safety pin. You can either sandwich the safety pin between the brooch and a small piece of felt or ribbon and glue it on place, or sew the brooch on the safety pin.
    Safety pins usually also have more space between the back and clasp, and are easy to close.


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