Doubly Wrapped <3

My husband took this photo of me with Shalomy yesterday and I thought it would make you smile!  It’s a bit blurry, but definitely a keeper!  PS – I’m finding baby wrapping much more difficult than hair wrapping… still getting the hang of it!


30 thoughts on “Doubly Wrapped <3

  1. Yay baby! I love the smell of their heads and the tickle of their hair when you kiss their head. I have 4 kids and am definitely done having babies, but I will miss things like that. Enjoy it as much as you can, they grow up so fast!!

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  2. Heidi

    There are so many kinds of wraps–so maybe keep trying them all? I always made the style you are using or baby slings (which are faster to get babies in and out)–I cannot imagine life without attachment to your babies!

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  3. Liat

    Baby wrapping is a steep learning curve. Totally worth it though. I live this picture. It warms my heart to see the mommy-baby love.


  4. Chanah

    I love baby wearing! It’s just the perfect way to take your little one for a walk, or work around the house!) Your position looks good. It’s high enough to kiss his head, so you should be comfortable.

    Is that a stretchy wrap, or woven? (Of course it is in teal!) I didn’t have too much experience with stretchy, but by the time I got to wraps for baby, she was big enough for a woven, which is stronger for bigger babies. Those are a bit less forgiving than stretchy, but I found it was one of the most comfortable ways to wear the baby for long walks. Keep practicing. Check out Youtube videos for different techniques. That may help.)

    (You may also want to try a Mei Tai, or a Mei Tai style with buckles. I also like ring slings, but those are more for shorter walks or working around the house.)


  5. Deborah

    Is it possible to love anyone more than ones precious new baby? I think not. Beautiful photo. HOWEVER, in a few short months you won’t be wearing wraps with tails hanging down very much. Little ones just love to reach up a grab hair, wraps or earrings. Life changes when you have little ones.


  6. Babies are so sweet. I have two infant grand babies and I wrap them when I need to. I love the idea of baby wearing. Keeps them close all the time where they should be. Such a sweet picture ❤


  7. Carol

    I had my first little one in February and thought I’d try babywearing, I found the wraps hard to do too. I finally settled on an organic Ergobaby soft structured carrier. They face your baby in and keep your baby close just like the wrap, and once you get it adjusted to your body you just snap and go. They definitely aren’t the most expensive carrier, but they are well worth the money considering you can use it through toddlerhood. Just something to look into if the wraps aren’t working for you. 🙂


  8. I see what you mean. Trying to get the fabric around him and yourself with one hand. Not easy, tying tichels is so much easier. I was wondering when we would get to see him. Thank Yonathon for taking the picture. Thank you and stay blessed.


  9. Kati

    You have to find a local carrying expert to help you with that. And of course you need to coordinate your wraps! 😀


  10. First put on the wrap, then put the baby into it. I’ve never tried wrapping the sling with the baby already in position (that’s how I UNwrap), but it sounds complicated.

    I’m looking at the tutorials online, and they look complicated. But it’s not that tough! The way I wrap is easy, and gives the same result. Here’s a Hebrew tutorial, of the way I learned to do it. MUCH simpler than the ones I’m seeing in English.


  11. nicole

    If you need help I’d totally skype with you and show you how to wrap. I don’t have a baby anymore but I do have a large stuffed bunny 😉


  12. Rae

    Funny, I wrapped babies for years before really branching out into tichel wrapping beyond the basic square Israeli type. I found tips from baby wrapping helped the tichel tying, principles are the same… Keeping your layers smooth, edges crisp, everything snugged tight. I prefer woven ones to stretchy because of the versatility and better with bigger babe. Like beginners tichel-tying Pick one tie as your basic go to then branch out very gradually.


  13. Refaela

    So sweet. (And I love that your baby wrap is teal <3)
    And then an entirely unrelated question, that is kinda nosey and I won't at all feel insulted if you choose to ignore it, my curiosity shouldn't make you uncomfortable –
    How does the citizenship work for your (delightful) baby? Israel and Canada confers citizenship jus sanguini, and the US confers jus soli – does your son hold triple citizenship?


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