Rachel’s Ultimate Turban Tutorial!

This girl is is a turban wizardess!!  Check it out!  And yeah, we totally listened to you and asked her to make more tutorials for Wrapunzel… this isn’t the last you’ve heard from Rachel!

21 thoughts on “Rachel’s Ultimate Turban Tutorial!

  1. annie

    That was so nice to watch how to do it… thank you… Those are so beautiful… and make you all look so nice… thank you… *:-)


    1. Rachel

      Hi, Penny. I actually have very, very short hair, so am always trying to think of different ways to tie tichels that don’t require much volume. I’m so happy that this tutorial has been helpful for you!


  2. motherendurance

    Great tutorial and you look just beautiful!Aand now I want a signature scarf and green sari post-haste! 😉 (I really miss the strong Canadian dollar…sigh.)


  3. Elaine

    I’d like to know how Rachel achieved the look in the picture on the right (with all the purpley colours). I’m not seeing it in the video.


    1. mzungu0

      Hi, Elaine. It’s the sari turban shown in the tutorial, but with a zig zag underneath. I used two 2-in-1’s (teal and one of the purples) and then used a lavender/sky blue-ish, full-sized sari. Hope that helps!


    2. mzungu0

      Hi, Elaine. That photo is showing the same sari turban as demonstrated in the tutorial, but I wore a zig zag underneath. I used two 2-in-1’s (teal and one of the purples) and a lavender sari scarf. Hope that helps!


  4. Jocelyn

    This really beautiful especially the one with the sari scarf. I have to try this either for a fancy occasion or when the weather is cooler when we are back from Israel.


  5. Meira Atik

    I think Rachel and I are the turban sisters. I LOVE the turban wrap, especially in the colder months when it gives me comfortable ear cover. Thanks to Rachel, I have a bunch of variations to try so that I don’t get bored. I can’t wait to try these.


    1. Rachel

      Thank you for those kind words, Meira. I actually shied away from turbans for quite a while, as I was convinced that they didn’t look ok with my face shape. Finding versions that work for me has been very refreshing and I’m really enjoying mixing it up a bit.


  6. Thank you! These are great! I have to try the first one, in the version with the tails hanging down 🙂 And maybe something similar to the third picture above the video… it’s the second turban from the tutorial tied on top of a criss-cross wrap, isn’t it?


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