Shabbat Kodesh

I rarely wear pastels… but Shabbat always inspires me to wear light colors to help get in touch with my elevated self.  I truly felt like a queen in this ensemble.  We had an super special group of people at our table on Friday night… who weren’t afraid to be intense and deep – very inspirational!

I’m wearing a sky blue 2 in 1, and a white shiny-licious, with a vintage beauty headband 🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!  This is the hardest week on the Jewish calendar, but it holds the potential for a type of connection that we cannot experience during the rest of the year.  May we all use this difficult time to grow closer to our creator and ourselves.

Love, Andrea

8 thoughts on “Shabbat Kodesh

  1. Tikva Seinfeld

    Andrea! I love your shabbos wrap! I would love you to do a tutorial on it because I find my shinilicious to be so bulky that I can’t seem to pair it with another scarf. Do you think you’d be able to? Thanks so much! Love Tikva

    Tikva Seinfeld 443-929-3803



      1. Chanah

        I find that the current shinnylicious is different from the older shinnylicious. The current one is thicker, and wraps differently. Perhaps a new tutorial is in order due to that.


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