Ain’t Sorry for Lovin My Saris!

It’s amazing… once you’ve mastered the technique of trying a sari (I know that there’s a learning curve there… but keep trying!  You’ll get it!) – it’s really the easiest go-to scarf!  I don’t have to fold it to fit my head… and even when I mess up the layers it still looks great and intricate.  I can really wear just one and it feels like I’ve done so much!  And if you choose a perfect color by your face, no one will notice you’re not wearing any makeup!  (Right ladies?!  Ok, don’t tell me if you do notice 😛 )  Here are some sari looks that I’ve been rocking lately.

The navy:

The sandy beach:

The dark earth:

And the bright teal:

“Andrea seriously, how many saris do you have?!”

I get this question a lot, and the answer is that it changes all the time!  Currently I think I have around 10, but none of them are the same ones that I had last year!  I tend to pass them on to people off of my head!  This is a common occurrence at Wrapunzel shows; often someone will fall in love with a sari I’m wearing and beg me for it. If I feel like I’ve used it enough, I’ll give it a new home.  Spreading the sari love!  (And it’s a good excuse for me to get another to replace it!)

Wanna learn the story behind the Wrapunzel scarf?
And how to wrap it?
This is my favourite way to tie it!
And we LOVE the sari sash!  Here is how to tie it!

Wishing you all so much bracha and happiness!  Enjoy your colors!
xo Love Andrea

6 thoughts on “Ain’t Sorry for Lovin My Saris!

  1. rachelli

    very pretty colors and whats amazing is how all the colors match your wardrobe and add to it.
    bracha and hatzlocha.


  2. All gorgeous, but the teal is sublime…..and the cat scratching post/tree house is wonderful! Spock and Data would love that….my cats, not the Trek men …. 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration
    Alex in Scotland


  3. Martha

    So pretty!! I especially like the last picture. I think it’s the pose but also the lack of make up, it immediately made me think about the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer.


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