Yael’s “Turban Regal Wrap with a Twist!”

This is my new favourite summer wrap – invented by Yael!  It’s perfect for our new Summer Solid Pashminas!
Here is a little about Yael, in her own words:

“I am Italian, I´m born in Florence and I lived there till I was 25. Then I made a PhD at the Hebrew Universty of Jerusalem, on Purity/Impurity in Biblical Hebrew. I meet my husband there, who was born in Hamburg Germany and we lived then in Jerusalem for 10 Years. At the moment we live in Germany in a little town near Frankfurt, where we´re the only jewish orthodox family (besides a very old couple). Therefore we are trying to leave Germany, in order to find a living jewish community, in Europe, America, Israel, in which we can live our yiddishkeit together with other …. Our kids (three) need friends and structures in order to develop themselves… Actually my english is better than in the tutorial (a part my Italian accent), but I was very excited to make my first video at all and I am not yet comfortable with the tichels and wrapping vocabulary… “

Well… I certainly think she did an incredible job!  LOVING this wrap!

16 thoughts on “Yael’s “Turban Regal Wrap with a Twist!”

  1. Yael, isn’t there an important Jewish community in Frankfurt? Unfortunately I do not remember if they are orthodox. My family lost touch with the Jewish community after my father died (my mother is not Jewish), otherwise I would have been happy to provide you with some addresses or phone numbers.


      1. Hi, Yael 🙂 This is Sophie. We met each other just over this Shabbat in Dresden, remember?

        Indeed, if you need a big community, either Frankfurt or Berlin would be great for you and your lovely children.


        Hope to meet you again.


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  7. Yael, can you please tell me what you are wearing under the pashmina that keeps your hair up? I have been looking for something like that. I would also like to know what kind of fabric the black cap is you have on. I am hoping to find some kind of cotton or natural fiber to help keep my hair up under my veils. Todah Rabah, Grazie


    1. yael

      Hi Tsipporah, under the scarf I had a volumizer, you can find them by Wrapunzel! There are many different smaller and bigger! I really recommend them! Have a nice day, yael!


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