The Wrapunzelution: So Much MORE Than Hair Wrapping!

There are no words to describe the gratitude that one feels when seeing a message like this.  This is everything that I ever dreamed Wrapunzel would become.  May we only continue to all grow bigger and brighter!

Written by Emily Rose from Oregon


“For me, covering my hair and surrendering to modesty has been the most positive, affirming, freeing choice I have ever made in relation to how I feel about my body and in the year I’ve been wrapping, it’s changed everything for me and I can’t even think about it without crying.  I have a long, ugly history of severe mental illness; I have severe social anxiety, severe panic attacks, and I also have a long history of eating disorders including anorexia and I still struggle with bulimia to this day. Often, my various symptoms are intrusive to the point that it keeps me from school, work, and life. But this isn’t about illness, I want this to be about the unique challenges we all face as women in world obsessed with the physical, trying to feel good and connect with others. I still struggle and fight with myself, but I am light years from where I used to be. Years of therapy has not done for me what connecting with my spirituality and creator has, and walking the path to modesty has done and is continuing to do for me. I could write a book on this and maybe someday I will. For now, I just want to tell all of you how strong and beautiful wrapping makes me feel, and I want to hear how it’s changed things for you, too. I never thought standing out could make me feel safe and strong, make me feel right, make me feel beautiful, make me love the way I look and love getting dressed while always knowing that my body doesn’t define me, make me appreciate every amazing thing this body I live in can do –but that’s exactly what covering does for me!  I’ll throw it to you ladies – have any of you struggled with body image and found that covering has changed the way you feel about yourself? How so? I know I’m not alone!”

9 thoughts on “The Wrapunzelution: So Much MORE Than Hair Wrapping!

  1. Wrapping my hair, standing out and feeling set apart from the world has transformed me like only our Creator could have known it would. Thank you for being real and sharing your story so beautifully 🙂


  2. rachelli

    you are a lovely woman with a holy neshama. thank you for sharing with us and may hashem give you the streghnth to continue on your path.


  3. Eva

    Emily Rose, you are beautiful and infinitely precious. I hope you’ll write that book one day as I’d love to read it. You are not alone. It took great courage to write as you did and I’m truly inspired by you. Wishing you love, light, healing and every blessing.


  4. You are a beautiful woman,this is both inside and out. The problem in this world is that if we do not fit the so called standards of beauty, we are made to feel,or make our minds up that we are ugly. I am covering my head(no hair right now)because chemotherapy has taken it all away…I really miss my eyelashes and eyebrows, but they will be back someday. I have always had body image problems, but now that I am old it doesn’t matter to me anymore. You will notice that women’s film roles diminish once they hit 30,for the most part but doesn’t happen with men,so that should give us all a hint to ignore that stuff. The average person can’t afford Botox or plastic surgery, so we will never be that “hot.” But natural beauty is much more beautiful and mostly comes from within. That doesn’t fade away with birthdays,it may actually increase! I am 5’7″ tall and weighed 110 for awhile, and even though I thought I looked good, I was wrong. Emily Rose, I really think you are a very beautiful and brave young woman!
    P.s. I live near Coos Bay,Oregon .

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  5. Rae

    I hope you do write that book, for yourself and for all the people you will help and inspire by so doing. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Jo

    Hey Emily Rose, I,too share your pain with mental health issues and anxiety cripples my self esteem (as I am a larger lady) but, covering my hair and being a bit more modest in how I dress seems to ease the pressure of feeling judged so much. People like you, and the ladies of the Wrapunzel community remind me that I am more than the sum of my fat bits and that we all have an inner beauty that is far more beautiful than we think. Lots of love to you.


  7. Sora

    Emily Rose I think you rock you talk about mental illness’s and struggles but you are just real you are brave and strong and sensitiveand beautiful I admire you for what you wrote and for who you areand for where you are heading


  8. Ireri

    Emily Rose, I know this post is several months old but I just wanted to say how much I identify with this. I, too, have struggled with eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, and finally being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism this spring! it’s made my relatively full, curly hair thin and brittle. but I’m starting to understand that I’m so much more than my hair. I tear up writing this now, but I’ve recently become very spiritual throughout this journey, and I’ve been so self conscious but when I wrap, I feel like I’m reminded that there’s something bigger than me, closer to Gd, and like I’m gonna come out on the other side happier than I ever thought possible. I was so touched by Andrea’s video about the levels of pleasure she achieves when she covers, and she spoke to my soul! thank you!!!

    Thank you so much, wrapunzel. I hope you understand how your be touched mine and so many other lives.


  9. Misteen Havelszky

    You have written the words that have been in my heart too! I have had a strong desire as well to wear hair coverings! I am just decided in starting. I am currently in the process of buying head coverings. I can’t wait to start wearing them! God bless you all!


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