A Fun Music Photoshoot!

Many of you know that I also play the cello, and am embarking on some very exciting musical projects!  One of them is The Baltimore Bows which is an endless source of nachat (even though I’m on maternity leave from teaching for the time being – seriously missing those kids!)  But now we’re working on even more exciting stuff!  ANYWAY, for some of these projects, we needed to make a press kit for our group, which meant a photoshoot, so I got all dressed and made up.  It sure was funny walking around outside with my cello (and little Shalom Yaakov in a carseat beside us) but we made do!  Here are some outtakes that show my outfit:

You may recognize my tichel from the Wrapunzel Facebook Page – I am loving this bright teal and rust combination!  Here I am wearing an Israeli Tichel, an Empress Circlet, and of course, a Sari Scarf.  This is one of those outfits/tichels that felt so “me” – it was a pleasure to hang out in it!  Of course, as soon as we came back into our apartment, I asked my husband to snap some more formal tichel shots 😛

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

So much fun!  Hope you enjoy!
Love, Andrea

6 thoughts on “A Fun Music Photoshoot!

  1. rachelli

    andrea, you look lovely, your outfit matches perfectlly with your tichel. but whats more important, is your smile lighting up the day! hope your instrument was not too heavy to carry. you still need to rest. brocha and hatzlocha!


  2. Such refreshing and lovely outfit and the WRAP of course.

    Andrea, you have been my inspiration. Living in Europe and being frum is very hard, and more so if you refuse to wear sheitels. Your and Rivka Malka’s wrapping tutorials and this site have been very encouraging to me. Thank you! Every bracha vehatzlacha in everything, may your little tzaddik bring only nachas to you and your husband!!!


  3. rachel

    A small joke about the cello being heavy.
    (And yes I know the comment was in regard to Andrea being very new mother. B”H.)

    What did YoYo Ma’s second say when she was asked about carrying her cello to the rehearsal?
    “It ain’t heavy….it’s my cello.”
    Funny if you know the rock song…


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