Naomi Rose: It’s Easy Being Green!

IMG_3199Spring weather is FINALLY starting to hit upstate New York, so I had to celebrate with some spring colors and an outfit post!

This is the famed Liezl Wrap, with a 2-in-1, sari sash, and a lace sash added in at the front just for detail. That blue floral silk is just one wide panel of the sari sash – I love experimenting with them so that some colors show quite a bit and others are much more subtle! In this case I liked featuring the blue and green strips, since they were reflected in my shirt.

(click on the smaller pictures to see them in a larger size!)


One challenge with pastels and other spring colors for fair-skinned ladies like me is to not look washed out. Light pink, for example, just won’t work next to my face. But the slightly richer, cooler range of pastels (greens and turquoises) is just perfect!

How do you like to wear spring colors?

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