Hello Hedva!

Meet Hedva, a Wrapunzel head-wrapping maven!  I’ve been impressed by her creative and adventurous wrapping skills since I first met her online, but recently I got to meet her in person and… wow!  She’s also a lawyer, and has strong moral and religious values.  She’s honest, direct, has a lot to say, and is a PERFECT Lady Wrap Star.  Photos, you ask?  We have photos!  I just couldn’t choose which ones to feature so I’m sharing over 100 with you!  Check them out in the gallery at the bottom of this post and get inspired!  And now… [drumroll] meet Hedva!

Hello Hedva!
Hedva’s signature turban!

– Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Some interesting facts, where you’re from, hobbies, work, etc.?  I was born in Israel and we moved to the US when I was 5.  But I think my heart stayed in Israel, the land where headscarves are a beautiful norm!  I was raised with a strong sense of individuality and have always followed my own fashion muse.  I currently live in NYC with my husband and our 4 sons.  I’m an attorney and my husband is a rabbi.  That sounds like the start of some joke, doesn’t it?  As for hobbies, I am very interested in health and natural living, especially natural childbirth.  I would love to become a doula someday, or some sort of a practitioner of alternative medicine.

– When did you start covering your hair?  I began covering right after marriage, 10 years ago.  As a Torah Observant Jew, I always knew I would cover my hair after marriage.  I loved my curly hair and cute hairstyle, but I enjoyed covering my hair from the very start.  I was in law school at the time and I received diverse feedback..  Although some comments were negative, a nonconformist streak in my personality helped me stick to my guns.  Covering my hair made me feel more connected to Judaism, to G-d, to my husband, and to myself.  I wasn’t going to let some small-minded people take that away from me!

11174796_10101048762598155_4155770027121680084_n– Did you start covering with mitpachot/tichels?  What prompted you to get into it?  Yes, it was tichels from the start!  I bought a wig just in case I needed it for interviews, but I hardly ever wear it.  I’m a very natural, no make-up type of girl, and the wig just feels very fake and “costumey”.  When I wear a headscarf, I feel so grounded and connected to Torah and Jewish history.   I am so grateful for this mitzvah (Torah commandment) that just keeps inspiring me more and more as the years go by.

– Please tell us about your style – how do your head coverings help you express your personality?  I’m all about comfort – I don’t wear heels and I don’t wear uncomfortable wraps.  My style is definitely bohemian and fun, but also elegant (I hope!), often with hanging tails and lots of color.  I try to make my wraps beautiful and interesting, not necessarily for others, but for myself.  See, I constantly struggle to view the world in a positive light, as I am very sensitive to all the negative things which I read and hear about.  A sad news story can put me in a funk for days or weeks, and I can start to think that the world is a terrible place and what exactly is the point in all of this?!  One of the things that really helps me stay positive is to focus on the natural beauty that G-d put into this world, and I remind myself that it’s proof that G-d really loves us.  I wear all those beautiful colors on my head as a constant reminder to focus on the positive.  An interesting wrap with twists and braids just add to the fun and beauty and further remind me of G-d’s love for us.

10699721_10100830266920245_1019891295822737883_o– What are your favorite colors/styles to wrap?  I love them all!  Thanks to Wrapunzel, I have discovered that I can wear any color, so long as I have a flattering color next to my skin.  But my favorite color has to be teal.  It is so incredibly rich and versatile and looks great with so many other colors!  As for my favorite style, that changes all the time.  I am currently loving the Liezl braid, but I wore Shira tails all winter.

– When you are in a rush, what is your ‘go to’ wrap?  I love the turban wrap for when I am in a rush.  I even made a tutorial!  I get a lot of comments about how “ethnic” I look, and I love it.  I feel like a queen, part of some holy plan, with the symbol of G-d’s love perched right on my head.

– What is one piece of advice (or more pieces if you want!) you would give to someone just starting to wrap?  Get a velvet headband and start simple!  Once you’ve mastered a certain style, try something a little more complicated.  Get some bling, in the form of headbands and pins, as they are a really easy way to add fun and interest.  Look for inspiration everywhere – in nature, in your own closet, and in other women.  Do not give up, and don’t let aching arms stop you!

10661648_10100830270313445_400201148768065952_o– What do your friends/family think about your wrapping?  Have you ever had any awkward/negative experiences?  How did you deal with them?  Most of my friends and family are super cool with my wrapping.  My mom used to bug me about wearing my wig, but she stopped that a couple of years ago – she realized it was a lost cause! My husband is my biggest fan.  He is constantly encouraging me to experiment with different colors and styles, and he always compliments my wraps.  My sons love them too!
Some friends have made negative comments in the past, but I tackled the issue right from the start and straightened it out.  I don’t like to let bad feelings fester – that’s not good for any relationship!

– Can you tell us a bit about your professional life, and how does hair wrapping connect to this?  I’m a self-employed attorney. I wear wraps all the time when meeting with clients, going to court, and going to depositions, and I’ve gotten only positive feedback.  My very diverse clients love them, and fellow attorneys usually compliment them.  I find that my wraps seem to garner more respect from my clients and colleagues.  For example, people will apologize for swearing in front of me.  I love that!

10686599_10100834184983415_1675124164092817573_n– How do you go about putting your scarves together?  Please tell us a bit about your creative process!  First and foremost, I am always taking note of great color combinations I see throughout the day, either in nature, on a bus ad, in someone else’s outfit, or just any random place.   And I love getting inspired by all the wonderful ladies on the Wrapunzel FB page!
My mornings are really busy, so I choose my outfit the night before.  I find the process really calming before bed.  I own lots of colorful clothes, so I look to them for inspiration as well.  For example, I have a great skirt with teal, light blue, dark red, and brown – any combination of those colors looks amazing!  If I’m wearing a monochromatic outfit, I try to add another contrasting or complementing color to my wrap to spice it up.  I then choose an accessory to add a little bling or to pull it all together.  I love my headbands and pins!  In the morning, I put the first scarf on and, depending on how it’s laying or how many scarves I want to wear, I then decide on a particular style.  So if I’ve chosen to wear 2 in 1s, I’m likely to do a double braid, a double twist, or a Liezl.  If it’s a pashmina that I’ve chosen, I’ll likely go for Shira tails.  If it’s a shimmery, I’ll do the waterfall wrap.  When I have extra time in the morning, I’m more willing to experiment and do something I haven’t really mastered yet, like a criss-cross wrap.

– What are you grateful for today?  It’s been one of those days that has made me realize how much G-d has given me and how precious it all is.  I am grateful that I have a purpose in life, and that I am part of a holy plan.  I am most grateful for my amazing husband and our adorable sons.

17 thoughts on “Hello Hedva!

    1. Hedva

      Thanks so much for you sweet words! I’m of the opinion that NO woman “needs” makeup, but that’s just me! 🙂


  1. Katharina

    WOW! Just plain wow… It somehow immediately clicked – I can really relate to Hedva and her amazing personality. All the best to you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maya

    I’m so inspired. I am just finishing up my residency in family medicine and have always covered with a wig at work. Now that I will be starting my professional career as a physician I am really struggling with whether or not to cover with tichels (which is always how I cover in my personal life and is definitely my preference).
    My family members think it is better to use a wig so as not to attract unwanted attention from patients. Have you ever had a negative experience with a client because of how you cover?


    1. Hedva

      Maya, I’ve never had a negative experience with a client. My clients are often in a bad place when they first meet me (my field is personal injury), and my scarves usually make them smile and open them up to chatting. It’s certainly possible that a client met with me, realized I was Jewish, and then decided to leave me – I can’t say for sure! But that certainly has never been brought to my attention. I should say that I live in NYC, a city with so much diversity, and I no doubt benefit from that diversity.


    1. Hedva

      A green 2 in 1 with one end tucked in and one end hanging. A sari scarf on top (not fully covering the back as the 2 in 1 is visible in the back) with both tail left hanging. Take the 3 hanging tails and braid them. I use a thin, clear hair tie to hold it together at the end.

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  3. I loved all the photos and I looked at each and every one.

    I’m inspired that you “get” to wrap and dress as you want to in one of the professions. I have done a lot of Q and A online trying to help other ladies and support their covering and a VERY common question that seems to come up for everyone who works outside of the home is what to do at work?

    Most of the women I hear from want to keep their jobs (Laugh) and cover but they want to blend in and not be noticeable about it. They feel conspicuous when they wear color and anything out of the ordinary.

    We have often talked about how one little piece of cloth can cause so much unrest with our families, our bosses, our friends, our own religious group, our children and even our husbands!!!

    I can see “why” they want to fly under the radar and keep it low key HOWEVER when I see wraps like these I feel as though you are empowered. Like you “own” this look and wear it so well that anyone would be a little frightened to confront you on it. I would respect you up one side and down the other if I saw you driving by or you were my attorney.

    Isn’t that amazing? That when you really go for it then you can repel insults, in a good way. I cannot imagine anyone giving you a hard time for how gorgeous you look.

    I say all that because my ministry is for those who have been beaten up emotionally by insults and other unkind words. Somehow they find me online (under a different name than what I’m using here…on here I’m using my real name) and they are given support and prayed for until they are healed and feel like their decision to cover is theirs and it glorifies their Creator and they morph into wellness knowing G-d is THE One to please and not strangers and even worse their parents, children and co-workers who attempted to hurt them and manipulate them into being like everyone else. Just part of the herd. The really nice part about this ministry is that they turn around and support the next coverer who turns up. Giving and receiving support for this is the point and this blog is doing the same thing Hedva and Andrea. Boldly obeying and loving it !!

    Very, very inspiring!!! Thank You.


  4. jenniferkmarsh

    Beautiful lady! The Wrapunzel community is such a blessing. As someone who is truly coming into covering all my hair all the time, it is very inspiring to read about someone else overcoming small-minded comments or criticism.


    1. Hedva

      Thank you for your kind words. Surround yourself with good people that support you and love you for who you are to give you strength. This community definitely helps so much as well!


  5. Jaimie

    You are such an inspiration! I am in law school and always wondered how I would cover my hair once I was practicing, I would love to see how you pair your tichel with a suit for court 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hedva

      Jamie, thanks for your kind words! I match the tichel to the shirt or shell I’m wearing under my jacket. If I’m wearing black and white, I just wear whatever color I feel like that day. I do tend to tone it down a bit if I’m going to argue a motion in front of a judge. A bunch of the wraps here have been worn to court very happily. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Y. W. S.

    Hedva, your Q and A was very inspiring. Sadly, I wear my wig to work (public school) and wear simply wrapped headscarves in my personal life. One or two non-Jewish colleagues have said I should wear headscarves because they think they could be beautiful. I just worry that it’s easier to rip off my head (I’m a Special Education teacher….) and I’m stuck with being exposed in front of male staff. Awkward.

    I think if I DID wear headscarves every day, I would get into fancy, complex do’s like yours.


  7. Elaine

    Very beautiful, Hedva! I was astonished when I read in your interview, “… I constantly struggle to view the world in a positive light, as I am very sensitive to all the negative things which I read and hear about. A sad news story can put me in a funk for days or weeks…” It sounds very much like me too. I also have to be careful what I watch on TV, etc. I don’t usually wear makeup either as a SAHM, but if I’m not feeling well, or if I have a work assignment to go to, I do like to wear makeup. It does give me an emotional lift, a little extra confidence, and some polish. Work for me could be front office, or singing at weddings, funerals, etc.


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