Naomi Rose: The Sunshine goes Outside!


Ever since we found the lovely Sunshine ( I’ve been longing to photograph it in its natural element! The blue/yellow version of this tichel often gets the lion’s share of attention since it looks so fantastic on our model, Yael. But for me, the grey/black version of Sunshine is just perfect! It’s dappled with light and dark like the shadows of a sunlit forest. I like patterns but don’t do so well with vivid contrasts, so this scarf is right up my alley.

I felt like Pocahontas in this awesome tall grass. lol!


These were taken on a little local hiking trail where my husband and I went to get some fresh air and quality time. It was BEAUTIFUL!


To make this wrap, I paired the grey/black Sunshine with a purple 2-in-1 and the Vintage Beauty headband. Everything was so lightweight and comfortable – perfect for being out and about.

What do you love to wear on your head for active days?

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