The NEW Wrapunzel Signature Shaper!!!

It’s here!!  We’ve spent so much time searching out and designing the perfect one with the Wrapunzel velvet headband sewn in!  Get yours HERE!

And here is the video allll about it!  The behind the scenes story, and how to wear it!

8 thoughts on “The NEW Wrapunzel Signature Shaper!!!

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    I have not had luck with the other shapers. So, I just ordered this one. I hope it works since I usually get the XL headband. But, since it is adjustable, I decided to try it. So, Andrea you sold me on it. Good to see you back.


  2. Tikva

    These look amazing! I wish I knew you were making them cause I just bought a Judith one and it def. slips back! Will they be available by any chance in white? I love my white shaper from wrapunzel to wear in the summer.


    Tikva Seinfeld


  3. yocheved

    This is such great news! I’ve yet to find a shaper that looked even halfway decent that was under $40. To get one of your signature shapers at such a great price is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work!


  4. Donna H.

    Will it be available in white and will it stay on your head. I have always found my shaper will not stay put without the headband underneath to hold it in place? If this puppy really works, it would be wonderful, but I don’t want to blow another $25 to have it slide off…


  5. Amy

    I received my signature shaper in the mail today and went to put it on right away. I measured for an XL no-slip headband and this shaper fits great!


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