My New Favourite Wrap!

I came up with this awesome wrap right before Shabbat and loved it so much that I wore it the next day.  It’s a perfect princess-y wrap that is great for the summer weather.  And you don’t need any volume at the back to do it!  I love how it’s casual and fancy at the same time… definitely a go-to for me!  It’s a pretty easy wrap to do, but let me know if you want a tutorial!  I love how the first scarf hangs down the back, peeking through the Lovely Lace!

This was Friday night!

And this was Shabbat day (Saturday)!

Here’s how:

Ooooo just so perfect for summer!  Love it!  Let me know what you think!

27 thoughts on “My New Favourite Wrap!

  1. Chanah

    Looks great! (I love the outfits too!) I wouldn’t mind a tutorial. I have a feeling you did something a bit different with the sari. Is that the ultimate sari wrap?


  2. I really like the navy and cream as well. It looks wonderful with your outfit. By the way, I would love to know where you got it, because it is really beautiful for a Shabbat. Have a wonderful week!


  3. Magally

    Shalom U`brajot ,soy nueva en esto de colocarme las coberturas y me gusta sus tutoriales y claro sube una de esa belleza!


  4. Instructions: She put the base scarf, tied it under her head. put on the lace and tied it under her head. Then took the ends of the base scarf and made sure they didn’t get in the way of the ends of the lace scarf hanging down, and tied the ends of the base scarf around her head, like usual.
    The base scarf can be tucked in or not, as you wish. The lace scarf is not tucked in (obviously).

    Andrea- correct me if I erred.

    I don’t like how the lace hangs out in the back (so I would tuck it in), but that’s just personal preference.


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