The Liezl Tutorial! With TONS of Variations!

It’s the new wrap craze!!  We’re all loving this gorgeous new tie that was invented by Liezl!  I just HAD to try it and do some variations on it as well!  This is a video that shows you tons and tons of options!

SEND US YOUR PICS to !!!  We’ve already received tons and want to make a post with all your photos and creative variations!  Check out what these Wrapunzel ladies have already done!

Tamar Adina: Care for Your Hair!

Ever wondered how to tweak your hair-care routine to suit covered hair? While every head is different, Tamar Adina is here to share her own hair-care journey with you! Caring for curly, long, or thick hair can be a challenge for covered ladies and she’s got the lowdown!


Hi everybody!

I often see questions regarding hair care on the various Facebook groups that I belong to. Everybody has a different solution of what works (and what doesn’t work!) and so I figured that I’d throw my daily routine into the mix. I’m going to preface this by saying that I am not a cosmetologist, a dermatologist, or a specialist. But, I have a method that works for my hair. Will it work for you? I don’t know. But this is what works for me!

My hair is thick, curly, and it almost reaches the middle of my back.

To make matters even more fun, I have horrid eczema on my scalp.

I’ve tried a LOT of different things. I tried “no poo” (shampoo-free method: failed). I tried Head and Shoulders (dried out my scalp). I tried medicated shampoos (some that the insurance refused to cover). I tried the full spectrum of cheap through salon shampoos. I tried Argan oil, amla, zizyphus (sedr), henna, and synthetic leave in conditioners. I tried blow drying and straightening my hair, I tried air-drying it, and I tried wrapping wet.

I found that with my trials came a lot of errors. But…now I’ve got a comfortable working solution where I’m minimally flaky and still comfortable under my wraps.


So how do I care for my hair? Well,

1) I ditched the SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) from my shampoos and conditioners, and I’ve also ditched the silicone. Both of those ingredients aggravated my scalp and gave me flakes.

2) I wash my hair every day. Yes. Every. Single. Day. Why? Well, I tried the washing my hair every other day (and even every three days). But I work out almost everyday (and not just a brisk walk at lunch either). My hair becomes a smelly, sweaty, disgusting mess when I workout. So I wash it after every workout. In honor of all of the posts on the Internet regaling the wonders of “no poo” I tried going shampoo-free. I tried two months of various options (apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and just using conditioner). In the end, using an SLS and silicone free shampoo daily was the best option. I just never adjusted to the “no poo” method.

3) I wrap my hair when it’s wet or when it’s dry. Why? Well, blow-drying my hair bothers my eczema, and since I exercise in the morning, I don’t have the luxury of waiting the three hours before my hair is dry before heading out too work. Yes, when I wrap my hair I’ll find that at the end of the day, my hair is still wet. At that point I’ll lay out my scarf to dry and I’ll put my hair down to finish drying. I’ve heard people report that having wrapped hair all day leads to a fungal infection or ruined scarves. I’ve never had that. I actually find that having the extra moisture on my scalp keeps me from getting a super dry scalp.

4) I’ve changed what goes on under my wraps according to my hair type. For many Wrapunzel fans, the focus is on creating the illusion of volume.But for me, and maybe for some other very curly/long/thick haired girls out there, I found in the end that I don’t need to create volume – I already have it! Although many women swear by them, I don’t actually wear a volumizer. I’ve discovered that I have enough volume for five women without any extra assistance, and it’s hard to fit all my hair under a volumizer without any slipping out!

At the same time, without a smooth base, some ties are simply impossible. A Double Braid wrap really needs a solid base to wrap around, and tying my hair into a regular bun just won’t cut it.   So what do I use to create a smooth base for tichels to lie on? I often wear a simple, lightweight base scarf over a messy bun. This method keeps errant curls from lying in strange and unusual ways and takes some of the pressure off of the back of my neck.


5) I avoid synthetic dyes like the plague. Paraphenylenediamine is not my friend. Neither is developer.

6) Once a month, I treat my scalp with an amla, henna and essential oil hair mask. I leave it on for four hours and then wash it out. The amla helps retain my curls (and cools down the henna), the henna moisturizes my hair and scalp, and the essential oils ‘terp’ the henna (boost its natural staining properties) and also help calm my scalp.   I personally find that the henna doesn’t really effect my hair color because my hair has always been very dark with red highlights. But, if you have gray hair or light hair, henna will make your hair red.

That’s all for now – hope my tips will save you trouble and help you give your hair some love!




Tamar Adina


Naomi Rose: The Sunshine goes Outside!


Ever since we found the lovely Sunshine ( I’ve been longing to photograph it in its natural element! The blue/yellow version of this tichel often gets the lion’s share of attention since it looks so fantastic on our model, Yael. But for me, the grey/black version of Sunshine is just perfect! It’s dappled with light and dark like the shadows of a sunlit forest. I like patterns but don’t do so well with vivid contrasts, so this scarf is right up my alley.

I felt like Pocahontas in this awesome tall grass. lol!


These were taken on a little local hiking trail where my husband and I went to get some fresh air and quality time. It was BEAUTIFUL!


To make this wrap, I paired the grey/black Sunshine with a purple 2-in-1 and the Vintage Beauty headband. Everything was so lightweight and comfortable – perfect for being out and about.

What do you love to wear on your head for active days?

Andrea’s Update!

Hello beautiful Wrapunzelution ladies!

You may have noticed that there have been a lot of posts from other Wrapresentative ladies lately and none from me!  Well there is a very good reason for this… I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!  This is our first child and he sure is yummy and we’re spending as much time with him as possible.  Thank Gd our wonderful Wrapunzel ladies have stepped in to do blog posts and videos while I’m offline.  Naomi Rose, Tamar Adina and Rachel, you rock!

His name is Shalom Yaakov (Ted Jacob in english) and we are just grateful beyond words.

I am still around, but cherishing this precious time with our baby for a little bit.  I will be back soon!  Thank you all for your beautiful berachot, and wishes.  I wish I could find more adequate words to thank you but… just… every single message means the world.  I love you all very much.

Wishing you all the happiness and blessings in the world ❤

Love, Andrea


Spring Wedding Inspiration from Naomi Rose!


One of my very close friends just got married (yay!!), and I wanted to look awesome for her beautiful spring wedding. I LOVED pairing up this dress and tichel so much that I decided they deserved a full-length outfit post!


I’m a big fan of colors that make you smile and peach is a great one for this time of year! This gentle hue always makes me feel like it’s beautiful and blooming outside, even if I’m in freezing Chicago and just dreaming about better weather!


I wrapped a peach Shimmery as if it was a regal wrap, but left one end hanging. Then I tied a brown Dreamy Lace right on top, kerchief-style, and brought the other end of the shimmery over. Added some pearls with a regal clasp for extra shazam. VERY VERY easy, and I got so many compliments despite being one of only TWO tichel-wearers out of about 200-250 guests!

How do you like to wrap for fancy occasions? Have a favorite tichel combination, or tips for matching dresses? Share, share!!

Tamar Adina: A Tichel for Every Temperature!

Need to conquer the cold or beat the heat? Tamar Adina to the rescue! She’s back – with a great set of tips for ticheling to suit the weather (even when it can’t make up its mind). Enjoy!!!

Dear Wrapunzel,

Spring has sprung the grass is ris –
I wonder where the flowers is?

-Adapted by unknown

Pesach is less than three weeks away. There. I said it. For those of you that are making Pesach, I just gave you full permission to begin the full on panic. Pesach, also known as Chag HaAviv is the first real sign (at least for me!) that warmer weather is imminent.

But… some years the warmer weather is a bit more imminent than other years. I live in a city where we’ve had years where there have been two inches of snow on the first day of Pesach. Did I mention that on that particular Pesach, the 15th of Nissan fell mid-April? We’ve also had years where it was a “frosty” 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) in March…and we all prayed that the air conditioners were able to keep up with the demand of having an oven on during a cooking marathon.
So, what’s a girl to do when the weather runs the gamut?

Dress for the weather, of course!

Some of my favorite ways to wrap in cold weather include:

  • Wearing a thick pashmina like Popping Bubbles, Woven Vines, or The Cranberry. I combine that with a metal headband like Gold Roses (if I’m in the mood) and that’s it. During the winter, I don’t often wear my sari scarves or my 2-in-1s. I tend to wear only one really thick pashmina during the winter. On warmer cold days (yes, that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but we’ve had -33 and 25 degrees F (-36 and -4 degrees C) here; the later is downright balmy in comparison to the former) I’ll wear my Signature or a solid pashmina with a headband, the occasional silky sash, or lace. Yes, I’ve seen beautiful pictures on the fangroup where Wrapunzel ladies have managed to wrap a signature and a sari, but since I have a larger head and a ridiculous amount of hair I prefer less bulk. I VERY RARELY wrap a solid style pashmina with a second full size scarf.
  • Tucking my ears in. I cover my ears during the winter and I’ll keep a pair of earmuffs in my purse for extra protection.
  • Wearing a volumizer or at the very least, a cap. It adds an extra layer of warmth against the elements without adding bulk on the side of my head.



When the weather is warmer –

  • I bring out all of my medium and sheer scarves. In the springtime and fall I use and abuse my Shimmeries, saris, 2-in-1s and NY Brights. Those scarves all tend to go on hiatus during the winter.
  • I pack away my pashminas. And I’m not just referring to Popping Bubbles. I know that there are people that will happily wear the Ronit or the Signature year round…but I’m not that girl.
  • When the weather is somewhere between 40-75 degrees F (4-24 degrees C), I’ll often wear 2-3 scarves on my head (and frequently with a pin or second accessory.)
  • I still wear a volumizer or a cap because I like having a smooth “base” for my scarves.





When the weather is HOT –

  • I pack away the volumzier and just wear an oomphtastic scrunchy.
  • I ditch the synthetic based scarves. Fabrics made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, and even wool) help beat the heat while man-made materials can lead to a sweat drenching experience. Although 2-in-1s seem like the best option for heat, since those are made of viscose (aka rayon), the Wrapunzel Israeli tichel is actually significantly cooler.
  • I don’t wrap my ears.




But, what do you do when the weather outside…and the weather inside don’t match up? Although it’s annoying, there is sometimes anywhere between a 15 and 80 degree variation between the temperature outside and the thermostat inside. Like all good Midwest girls, I learned from a young age that sometimes you just have to layer. I’ll sometimes throw a second tichel into my diaper bag or briefcase and rewrap at work or after shul before walking a mile to lunch.

Whether or not you are making Pesach, I hope that you are able to take full advantage of the early sunshine!

Tamar Adina


[all photos belong to Tamar Adina]