Super Easy Tichel Loopty Doop!

When I made the Lovely Lace tutorial yesterday, someone mentioned that it was hard to see how to do the “Loopy” part because my hands were in the way.  So since it’s actually a tie that you can do on its own (I love doing it with the Lakeshore Bliss) here is a detailed tutorial on how its done!  You can see that even though I’m blabbering away and doing it very slowly , it still only takes 2 minutes for the video!  You’re gonna love this trick!

4 thoughts on “Super Easy Tichel Loopty Doop!

  1. Yay! I am so glad you did this Andrea. I was feeling very stupid as I watched your original video over and over again and could just not follow or do it. Well done to the lady who had the courage to speak up. Now after this I have been able to do it – Woo hoo! I guess if you an extra long piece you can make several loops?


  2. Diane Drexler-Little

    I am feeling the stupid one now. I used it on Shabbat, and it took me 45 minutes for what should be two:) I am not used to working with even ends, so the first time, it was too short to tuck under the back. Then, part of my problem is that that my hairline is low in back and hair is short, so every time, I tucked the end in, tendrills of hair would come out. So, I was rearranging and retucking until finally worked.
    I did do something a bit different from both if the examples. I wore the pink sherbet Lakeshore Bliss, and took my new stretchy light pink lace accessory sash which I wrapped around the Lakeshore Bliss on the top of my head and anchored it with the loop and part hanging down. It added the right about of fancy to it for Shabbat without having to deal with the larger triangle. Besides, I really like how the pink sherbet color design is a bit shiny and didn’t want to cover it up. I didn’t take a photo since it was Shabbat.

    And, I was wearing the burgundy red 3/4 sleeve top from Wrapunzel and got a nice compliment by the rabbi’s wife on the color.

    Thanks for the new video. It really helped.


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