Enjoying SPRING!!

It seems that spring has finally sprung here in Baltimore!  (Praying that it lasts!)  I love spring for its energy of renewal, rebirth, the rediscover of potential.  There are so many wonderful holidays that we celebrate that have the energy of spring:

Purim – allowing us to reveal the hidden
Pesach – enabling us to cast off our chains and grow towards our full potential

I am just so excited to be a part of all this!  And here on the Wrapunzel front we are also working hard in the springtime!  We are currently launching our new spring line, and we are truly inspired by the potential of these new tichels and accessories!  Here are some photos of what we’ve found for you so far!  Get excited… there’s more to come!

What are you looking forward to most about spring?

2 thoughts on “Enjoying SPRING!!

  1. Mirjam

    Is it possible to book tichels? LIke: I would love to have a black sari and a white sari. But these colours are not easy to get? Could we “book” them?
    Love from France! You are great, Ladies!


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