Naomi Rose’s “No Bulk Knots” Trick!

Check out this awesome trick!  Great for anyone that gets annoyed with having too many knots at the base of the neck!  This will change your tichel tying game!

9 thoughts on “Naomi Rose’s “No Bulk Knots” Trick!

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    I love it! Thank you so much. I have avoided using more than one tichel just for that reason of the two knots. I not only get headaches, but I have problems with neck pain and stiffness. I cannot even handle having the tichel shaper tied on the back of my head, so I have been going without it. So, this technique looks like it would be so much more comfortable. I cannot wait to try it.
    i am lookong forward to learning any more tips that will make wrapping more comfortable. Thanks.

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  2. I’m new to Wrapunzel, and this is how I always tied my second scarf until I started watching tutorials! When I saw the idea of tying both underneath, it really helped me because when I cross-knot my scarves it makes them uneven – it will rest higher on one side of my head than the other (it kinda happens in your video too). I would love to lose the bulk and go back to a cross-knot, but I also love how easy it is to stay symmetrical with a bottom knot! Do you have a trick for keeping it symmetrical?


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Malca! Yes, I noticed that too and almost re-did the video, but decided it wasn’t worth it ;). It should not be a problem at all to get the scarves symmetrical. Just do the cross-knot, and then gently tug the front edge of the second scarf down and forward (on the side where it is too far back). Once you have it looking symmetrical, it’ll stay that way all day!


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