Why I LOVE Covering My Hair!

It’s been years since I made this video, and I’ve always been meaning to remake it.  Here is part one of the remake!

Here I discuss one of the reasons why I love covering my hair: the intense multi-level pleasure that I get from it!  Learn about the different kinds of pleasure we can experience in this world, and why hair covering allows me to start my day connecting to all of them!

10 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Covering My Hair!

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I had never heard those beautiful reasons for covering your hair!
    I would like to add that it is also a constant reminder that we are under the authority of our Creator. It reminds me to be humble, set apart from the world and modest 🙂

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  2. Diane Drexler-Little

    I know you have covered people who suffer from headaches. My hair is just above shoulder length after being fairly short before I begsn covering my hair. I use hair clips and lots if bobby pins to put my hair up. I have tried scrunchies to pull it back and although it doesnt quite do it, it does still pull. I just read online from WebMD the following:
    “Pain Trigger: Your Hairdo
    A tight ponytail may trigger — or worsen — a headache. Some migraine sufferers are more sensitive to sensations that wouldn’t bother others, such as a tight hat, headband, bun, or braids.
    Solution: Wear your hair down and skip the hat.”

    The solution, of wearing hair down and skip the hat, doesnt help with covering. I have tried just gathering up my hair, but with a low hairline in back and front and using the velvet headband, it doesnt keep all my hair covered. I cannot wear the tichel shaper as it adds too much weight on my heal and hurts my neck. So, I am at a loss.

    Do you have any other ideas?


  3. Diane Drexler-Little

    I wrote my first comment before listening to the video. So, now that I watched it, I realize my comment may not fit. But, now, I do have some other things to say. First, I work with fabtic as a quilter, so playing with the scarves and being creative is definitely pleasurable. I have yet to do it in only 5 minutes, though, probably due to my first comment as it takes a while to find something that is comfortable on my head.
    One other level of pleasure is when I daven the morning blessings, and come to the part of blessing Hashem for “crowning Israel with splendor”, I touch my head, and feeling my tichel, it reminds me I am a “bat melech” daughter of the King with a crown and that Hashem is always above me head. So, that brings to me the highest level of pleasure.

    This video was well done. Thank you Andrea. You are an inspiration to me. I just wish it would only take 5 minutes and nit be so frustrating trying to get it ti work for me.


  4. I am a Catholic woman and I did this for the 40 days of Lent last year and it was wonderful and thanks to the ladies at wrapunzel you really helps me to understand it and helped me to embrace part of the culture that even Catholic women can understand and relate to.


  5. Ayla

    I am a muslim woman, and I agree with you. I love your tutorials in youtube. It is nice to be more spiritual person, ttying to be better person everyday

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  6. Great video that all Jewish women and their husbands should watch in order to learn the true beauty in doing what HaShem commanded. Wonderful work. May HaShem continue to bless you and your family for this giant mitzva. My wife and I are big fans.


  7. Great video that all Jewish women and their husbands should watch in order to learn the true beauty in doing what HaShem commanded. Wonderful work. May HaShem continue to bless you and your family for this giant mitzvah. My wife and I are big fans.


  8. Cypora

    This was lovely, will definitely help me. When you mentioned love in connection with hair covering, I immediately thought of love of my husband and love of G-d. Love of my husband, obviously because the hair covering is tied up with his presence of my life. And love of G-d in fulfilling this mitzvah. Also, regarding feeling part of something bigger, wearing a symbol of my religion makes me aware that I am part of the Jewish people, and that I am a representative. Thought you might appreciate these thoughts 🙂


  9. As a convert late in life, there is so much to learn, and once during my learning journey through youtube I came across early videos by Andrea, which led me to Wrapunzel and Rivka. What inspiring women you both are and your videos are pure joy to me. This particular video touched my heart so deeply as I felt the joy of being a Jewish woman, with a growing understanding of how deeply we are loved by HaShem. Thank you so much Andrea for this video, and for the sharing of your time with each of us. It is wonderful to feel a part of this community of women!


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