Perfect Luxe

Sometimes, a busy day calls for a perfect one scarf wrap; a Regal Wrap done with a Tapestry Luxe (this is the Blonde one) fit those requirements perfectly!  And I can’t believe how many compliments I’ve gotten when getting ready only took 2 minutes!

You know how I’m always talking about that ‘must have’ go-to wrap that we all need to master?  Well, this is mine!  Whenever I’m in a rush or my so called ‘genius’ creative idea isn’t working, I always go for this wrap.  It’s foolproof once you master it!  Do any of you have a go to wrap that you can just do in your sleep?

Love, Andrea

4 thoughts on “Perfect Luxe

  1. This looks so elegant Andrea. Everyone knows I dislike paisley, yet you carry this off amazing; so sleek. My ‘go-to’ wrap has to be the one where you have one side shorter than the other, one tie at the back and bring the longer side over the top of the head to do a side tie (forgotten the name of it). Then a clip on flower and either gold celtic band or other accent band and away I go. Looks good with or without a volumiser.


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