Purple & Green, the Newest “It” Combo!

It all started when Naomi Rose posted this photo…


In it, she’s wearing a purple 2 in 1 and a Lakeshore Bliss in Green, a color combo rarely seen!  What resulted was an IMMEDIATE snowball effect!  We all had to try out this gorgeous color combo! It started with a few ladies…

And then more jumped on the bandwagon… we tried it with different scarves and sashes too!

Finally I had to join in as well!  I had been looking for the perfect excuse to break in my purple lace sash… and don’t worry, even though this color is sold out right now we are getting more in!

Thank you Naomi Rose for clueing us in to this gorgeous color combination!!!  Love it love it love it!!

8 thoughts on “Purple & Green, the Newest “It” Combo!

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    As a quilter, I always have known green and purple go well together. But, I never thought about it for a tichel. And, I have both the 2in 1purple and the Lakeshore Bliss in Green. And the purple lace is fantastic.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas.


  2. I love this color combo so very much and that it includes a lakeshore bliss is just so perfect. Lakeshore bliss is my perfect tichel. I hope you get more green soon.


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  4. Nicole Lowe

    My wedding colors were purple and green! I have always loved the combination – especially lavender and sage green – beautiful!


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