Teal Overload!

Teal, and teal, with teal, plus teal??

Yes, please!

I wanted to figure out a gorgeous way to wear this new Teal with Black Threads Limited Shimmery.  What better way than to pair it with a Teal Shimmery?  (And a teal shell, and a teal shirt…)

Shimmery Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

Any wild guesses as to what my favourite color is?

And it’s so easy to tie!  Here’s the tutorial!  I just used a black hair elastic to secure the ends and did a slight zig zag with the front.

Shimmery Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

I wish the photos showed the lovely “shimmery-ness” more, but you get the idea!  What is your favourite current shimmery combination?
Love, Andrea

6 thoughts on “Teal Overload!

  1. I love all the blue colours, teal is way up there on top of the list. This has nothing to do with tichels, but did you happen to catch Bibi’s speech this morning? It was excellent!


  2. Summer Epstein

    Sorry it does not say you have teal shirts for sale I read it to fast. I am so focused on getting a shirt. So sorry for the hassle.


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