Luscious Tapesty Luxe!

So I have a confession to make.

I don’t own as many tichels as y’all think I do.

The reason is that I usually end up giving them to ladies that I end up Wrapunzeling unexpectedly… and that often happens in shows, formal events, and public washrooms!  So it certainly helps me keep my collection manageable.

Never have we carried a scarf that I’ve loved enough to want in all colors… until now.

It's love!
It’s love!

The Tapestry Luxe is awe-inspiring.  We first carried it in grey, as a fancy neutral scarf for the elegant and subtle ladies.  Then we saw it in Blonde and just had to share it with you as well.  Soon after our jaws dropped when we saw the Auburn… now THIS one was my favourite!  Oh wait, but I love the blonde and grey too… so why choose?  And then we got it in purple.

Basically, I am not going to choose which one I like most, because it’s always the one I’m currently wearing!  This is definitely a thick, cooler weather scarf, but it’s so so soft.  And the different sides of it (there’s the colorful side and then the gold side) make for so many different wrapping options!  I just can’t get enough!

I’ve paired it with a cream&gold Braided Wreath Necklace (made into a headband with the Regal Clasp, of course!) – but usually I just wear it on its own!  Here is a tutorial on how to wrap this scarf!

Hope you’re all doing well and if you’re in the cold/icy weather like I am, staying warm and safe!
Kol tuv,
❤ Andrea

5 thoughts on “Luscious Tapesty Luxe!

  1. Chanah

    So now you have me wondering, how many are in your personal collection, and which tichels are in your personal collection?


  2. Mirjam

    Hi Andrea!
    You are right, it’s just so beautiful! I ordered the aubrun one, and I can’t wait to receive it! I will send you a pic when I will have it! Sending you much LOVE from the other side of the ocean!

    PS: I keep spreading wrapunzelution just by wearing tichels, and I am currently teaching one of my collegue who is Soufi how to wrap! She is so kind, I didn’t know that she had any religion because at school she is not wearing a tichel, but then when she saw me entering and leaving the school a couple of times (I have to take it off during classes: french law!), she asked me of which religion I am and why I am wearing tichels. We already had a wonderful contact because we are both german teachers, but “ticheling” brought a real friendship between us, and then she said to me that she is Soufi! I am so happy to get to know her, people around us noticed that we are friends with different religions but still very good friends! It’s actually so beautiful to see what a tichel can do! Spreading love between nations, religions! Keep going on inspiring us with wonderful tichels and tutorials! Toda raba!


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