Waterfall Under the Bridge ~ with Rachel!

The lovely Rachel is back with another awesome tutorial!  Wow this woman really knows how to tie her knots!

Don’t y’all wanna learn how to do this?? Read on 🙂

In the video, she’s doing the wrap with Layers of Love, and in the photo above she’s doing it with a Wrapunzel Signature!

The wrap is similar to the “Waterfall Rescue” tutorial that Naomi Rose did but with only one scarf and a variation… who would have thought that the original “Waterfall Twist tie would get so much attention!  Rock it, wrap stars!

Super Easy Tichel Loopty Doop!

When I made the Lovely Lace tutorial yesterday, someone mentioned that it was hard to see how to do the “Loopy” part because my hands were in the way.  So since it’s actually a tie that you can do on its own (I love doing it with the Lakeshore Bliss) here is a detailed tutorial on how its done!  You can see that even though I’m blabbering away and doing it very slowly , it still only takes 2 minutes for the video!  You’re gonna love this trick!

Lovely Lace Tutorial! Let’s Wrap Together!

Lovely Lace Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

Good Morning!  We’ve received so many requests for the Lovely Lace tutorial since posting this photo of Deidra on our facebook page yesterday!  So while getting dressed this morning I decided to video myself trying it out!  It’s so easy!  You’ll also learn how to do the lovely “loopty-doop” on the side!

Perfect Luxe

Sometimes, a busy day calls for a perfect one scarf wrap; a Regal Wrap done with a Tapestry Luxe (this is the Blonde one) fit those requirements perfectly!  And I can’t believe how many compliments I’ve gotten when getting ready only took 2 minutes!

You know how I’m always talking about that ‘must have’ go-to wrap that we all need to master?  Well, this is mine!  Whenever I’m in a rush or my so called ‘genius’ creative idea isn’t working, I always go for this wrap.  It’s foolproof once you master it!  Do any of you have a go to wrap that you can just do in your sleep?

Love, Andrea

Why I LOVE Covering My Hair!

It’s been years since I made this video, and I’ve always been meaning to remake it.  Here is part one of the remake!

Here I discuss one of the reasons why I love covering my hair: the intense multi-level pleasure that I get from it!  Learn about the different kinds of pleasure we can experience in this world, and why hair covering allows me to start my day connecting to all of them!

Enjoying SPRING!!

It seems that spring has finally sprung here in Baltimore!  (Praying that it lasts!)  I love spring for its energy of renewal, rebirth, the rediscover of potential.  There are so many wonderful holidays that we celebrate that have the energy of spring:

Purim – allowing us to reveal the hidden
Pesach – enabling us to cast off our chains and grow towards our full potential

I am just so excited to be a part of all this!  And here on the Wrapunzel front we are also working hard in the springtime!  We are currently launching our new spring line, and we are truly inspired by the potential of these new tichels and accessories!  Here are some photos of what we’ve found for you so far!  Get excited… there’s more to come!

What are you looking forward to most about spring?