Tamar Adina: A Tichel for Every Temperature!

Need to conquer the cold or beat the heat? Tamar Adina to the rescue! She’s back – with a great set of tips for ticheling to suit the weather (even when it can’t make up its mind). Enjoy!!!

Dear Wrapunzel,

Spring has sprung the grass is ris –
I wonder where the flowers is?

-Adapted by unknown

Pesach is less than three weeks away. There. I said it. For those of you that are making Pesach, I just gave you full permission to begin the full on panic. Pesach, also known as Chag HaAviv is the first real sign (at least for me!) that warmer weather is imminent.

But… some years the warmer weather is a bit more imminent than other years. I live in a city where we’ve had years where there have been two inches of snow on the first day of Pesach. Did I mention that on that particular Pesach, the 15th of Nissan fell mid-April? We’ve also had years where it was a “frosty” 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) in March…and we all prayed that the air conditioners were able to keep up with the demand of having an oven on during a cooking marathon.
So, what’s a girl to do when the weather runs the gamut?

Dress for the weather, of course!

Some of my favorite ways to wrap in cold weather include:

  • Wearing a thick pashmina like Popping Bubbles, Woven Vines, or The Cranberry. I combine that with a metal headband like Gold Roses (if I’m in the mood) and that’s it. During the winter, I don’t often wear my sari scarves or my 2-in-1s. I tend to wear only one really thick pashmina during the winter. On warmer cold days (yes, that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but we’ve had -33 and 25 degrees F (-36 and -4 degrees C) here; the later is downright balmy in comparison to the former) I’ll wear my Signature or a solid pashmina with a headband, the occasional silky sash, or lace. Yes, I’ve seen beautiful pictures on the fangroup where Wrapunzel ladies have managed to wrap a signature and a sari, but since I have a larger head and a ridiculous amount of hair I prefer less bulk. I VERY RARELY wrap a solid style pashmina with a second full size scarf.
  • Tucking my ears in. I cover my ears during the winter and I’ll keep a pair of earmuffs in my purse for extra protection.
  • Wearing a volumizer or at the very least, a cap. It adds an extra layer of warmth against the elements without adding bulk on the side of my head.



When the weather is warmer –

  • I bring out all of my medium and sheer scarves. In the springtime and fall I use and abuse my Shimmeries, saris, 2-in-1s and NY Brights. Those scarves all tend to go on hiatus during the winter.
  • I pack away my pashminas. And I’m not just referring to Popping Bubbles. I know that there are people that will happily wear the Ronit or the Signature year round…but I’m not that girl.
  • When the weather is somewhere between 40-75 degrees F (4-24 degrees C), I’ll often wear 2-3 scarves on my head (and frequently with a pin or second accessory.)
  • I still wear a volumizer or a cap because I like having a smooth “base” for my scarves.





When the weather is HOT –

  • I pack away the volumzier and just wear an oomphtastic scrunchy.
  • I ditch the synthetic based scarves. Fabrics made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, and even wool) help beat the heat while man-made materials can lead to a sweat drenching experience. Although 2-in-1s seem like the best option for heat, since those are made of viscose (aka rayon), the Wrapunzel Israeli tichel is actually significantly cooler.
  • I don’t wrap my ears.




But, what do you do when the weather outside…and the weather inside don’t match up? Although it’s annoying, there is sometimes anywhere between a 15 and 80 degree variation between the temperature outside and the thermostat inside. Like all good Midwest girls, I learned from a young age that sometimes you just have to layer. I’ll sometimes throw a second tichel into my diaper bag or briefcase and rewrap at work or after shul before walking a mile to lunch.

Whether or not you are making Pesach, I hope that you are able to take full advantage of the early sunshine!

Tamar Adina


[all photos belong to Tamar Adina]

4 thoughts on “Tamar Adina: A Tichel for Every Temperature!

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    It sounds like you are in a really cold winter area.

    Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, our winters never get that bad. I bought the heavier and soft pashminas and regret it as they are much too warm and heavy and have never worn them. They are much too bulky. I have a small head with low hairline and am only 5ft tall. I love the Lakewood Bliss ones as they stretch and lie closer to my head. I tie it in the back withbthe tails hanging down both sides which keeps my neck warm when it gets windy, and we do get a lot of wind and occasionally get to 0 degrees F, but rarely colder. And any snow is a few inches that melt the same afternoon. Due to neck and headache problems, I rarely if ever use a shaper. It adds too much weight and pulls my head backwards.

    Since I wear glasses all the time (bifocals), I cannot cover my ears except occasionally the tips using the tail wrapped over the head. I love the new Israeli tichels which are my go to in even 40-50 degree F weather. And lately, we have been having up to 70 degrees F and so the light weight flower tichels are great. I realize that my hair is probably seen through but I cannot stand wearing the shaper. I just received the velvet scrungy and am growing my hair so hopefully it will work. At age 63, I have had short hair for ages. (Only recently began covering.) Right now, it is hair clips and lots of bobby pins especially since my hairline is low and stray hair tends to come down the back. I spend half the day tucking in pieces that show out. That is where the triangle Israeli tichels cover a lot of the stray hairs.

    Now, if I spent the winter at our house in Maine, I would opt for knit hats to wear outside since they are not as heavy on my head as some of the pashminas. And I realize a lot of the extra bulk of the pashminas are from not wearing a shaper.

    Thanks for the ideas. Hope you see spring soon. Here soon enough it will be 100 degrees F:) So, lighweight 2in1s and Israeli tichels are more comfortable especially if I wear a large brim hat over it.


  2. Yocheved R.

    For summer, the ombre scarves are my absolute favorite. They look like you’re wearing 3 layers! I’ve had so many people asks me “How many scarves are you wearing?”.

    Please restock these in more colors!!!


  3. Thank you for the tips about wrapping in the heat. I live in Phoenix, and I’m new to covering my hair. Since the summers last nearly 9 months here (I’m slightly exaggerating), I need a good plan to deal with the searing heat without cloistering myself indoors.


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