Spring Wedding Inspiration from Naomi Rose!


One of my very close friends just got married (yay!!), and I wanted to look awesome for her beautiful spring wedding. I LOVED pairing up this dress and tichel so much that I decided they deserved a full-length outfit post!


I’m a big fan of colors that make you smile and peach is a great one for this time of year! This gentle hue always makes me feel like it’s beautiful and blooming outside, even if I’m in freezing Chicago and just dreaming about better weather!


I wrapped a peach Shimmery as if it was a regal wrap, but left one end hanging. Then I tied a brown Dreamy Lace right on top, kerchief-style, and brought the other end of the shimmery over. Added some pearls with a regal clasp for extra shazam. VERY VERY easy, and I got so many compliments despite being one of only TWO tichel-wearers out of about 200-250 guests!

How do you like to wrap for fancy occasions? Have a favorite tichel combination, or tips for matching dresses? Share, share!!

13 thoughts on “Spring Wedding Inspiration from Naomi Rose!

  1. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg

    You look amazing! I almost always wrap for weddings and have for almost 40 years (that or a crocheted beret of my own design). You go girl!


  2. Tikva

    Hi Naomi Rose! You look beautiful! So much so that I’m going to ask you a chutzpadik question! My very good friend is getting married in May and wants me and my girls to wear pastels. We’re VERY close. I don’t have money to get gemach gowns for them or me. Where did you get your dress? How much and if by any chance you’d be willing to lend it out. If it was under $50 and is accessible, I would buy it for myself. Also, where do you shop? Thank you!

    Tikva Seinfeld


  3. Diane Drexler-Little

    Naomi Rose, first mazal tov for your friend’s wedding. Scecondly, your outfit is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic on you. You are beautiful and so feminine.
    I would love a tutorial on how you created your tichel with the shimmery and the dreamy lace.
    Thank you for sharing. It is always great to see new ideas and tichel pairings.


  4. frumachava

    Just stunning. I’d love to see a post with some ideas on what tichel to wear when one is getting married. Hint hint, it’s me!


  5. frumachava

    Just stunning. I would love to see some ideas for tichels to wear when one is getting married. Hint, hint, it’s me!


  6. abycinnamon

    I have seen some stunning tichels here but this one has left my jaw on the floor. Wow. You look utterly stunning – and outfit plus tichel make a truly elegant and lovely combination honoring your friend’s wedding. Mazel tov to all celebrating!


  7. Eva

    Naomi Rose, you look incredible in this outfit – I LOVE it!!! Sadly, I can’t wear this colour as it doesn’t suit my own colouring, but it looks perfect on you. Your tichel is exquisite and matches your outfit so beautifully. Mazel tov on your friend’s wedding!!!


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