Some REALLY Awesome Tutorials!

I’ve known Rachel for a while now, and had the immense pleasure of meeting her in person at the Wrapunzel Cleveland Show!  She has recently made some really wonderful tutorials… variations on classics and also her own super cool turbans that don’t require any volume at the back!  Check them out!  I see a future Wrapunzel tutorial maker, don’t you?

How to fake an extra long Israeli Tichel:

Rachel’s Turban (no volume needed!)

Rachel’s Turban #2 (also no volume needed!)

Criss Cross with a Tail:

The Double Yael with a Tail:

… and for those of you wondering: YES, we are working on getting 100% Jersey scarves at Wrapunzel.  Get excited!

Being Silly!

Good morning to you all!  Thought I’d switch it up and post a goofy photo of my tichel today.  I’m wearing my Watercolor Dream (seriously, am I ever gonna get tired of this tichel?) wrapped up in a Yael ‘do.  I love how you can really see the wrap with this scarf… definitely gonna do this again!

Photo on 6-23-15 at 10.40 AM
Gooooooood morning!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!  Sending lots of love, hugs, and giggles! ❤

Some Fun Outfits!

Before Shabbat came in, my husband said, “I love your outfit!  Don’t move!”  And then he snapped this picture.  I loved how the Watercolor Dream looked with the light teal Shimmery… and the lace shirt and lace skirt.  I felt so myself in this!

Loving these colors!
Loving these colors!

And on Sunday, I was inspired by another Wrapunzel lady to wear my signature skirt as a dress!  So much fun!

Signature (Skirt) Dress!
Signature (Skirt) Dress!

And here is my tichel… I would have never put these colors together until I saw the skirt!

double braid wrapunzel
oops – forgot to tuck in that fringe-y bit!

Sending love to you all!  Enjoy enjoy the beauty that surrounds us!

Naomi Rose’s “Twist” on the Yael!

Naomi Rose has created an awesome twist on the “Yael” wrap!  In it, she uses two scarves instead of one, which highlights the angles and twist more than if you’re using just once scarf.  LOVE IT!!!

Two Scarf Yael Wrapunzel Two Scarf Yael Wrapunzel

Here’s the tutorial:

And here I am, trying it out with two 2 in 1s!  LOVE IT!!!

Perfect summer wrap!
Perfect summer wrap!

Enjoy!  Can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with for this one!

Zahava’s Gold Chignon

Zahava's Gold Chignon Wrapunzel
Zahava modelling the chignon

Zahava is one of the women that makes the Wrapunzel Fangroup so wonderful.  Her gentle smile, inspiring stories, beautiful style, and encouraging words are something that many of us look forward to every day.  We even named the Empress Circlet after her!  A few weeks ago she posted a new style; “Tichel Chignon” she called it.  Many of us tried to figure out how she did it and couldn’t get it!  So I just had to invite her over to make a tutorial together.  We got to spend a little time getting to know each other as well.  Beyond her quiet demeanor, Zahava is a proud mother of 11 children, and grandmother of over 20 (and counting, Gd willing!)  She just returned from a trip to Israel that her kids surprised her and her husband with for their anniversary.  Let’s all bask in her infectious glow, and learn how to tie the “Zahava’s Gold Chignon” together.