No Shvitzing in This Outfit!

Shvitzing = Yiddish for whenever a person is involved in something that is causing heavy perspiration.

Well, today was another boiling hot, humid day!  Since it was Shabbat, there was lots of walking to be done (no driving!) so I had to dress for the weather!  I like to wear white anyway on Shabbat because it’s a super meaningful thing for my family (here is a bit about it) and today was extra perfect for this.  I wore a white Pashmina and Empress Circlet on my head, a colorful summer tunic, and white cotton skirt – loved it!  My skin was protected from the sun and the clothing wasn’t constricting so I was really as cool as could be.  It’s funny, as soon as I got home and took my tichel off, I was immediately hotter than when I had it on!  That was a very big realization for me.

And here is my smiling face 🙂  It’s been a long day, but we had an inspiring Shabbat and I can’t wait for this week!  Shavua tov, world!

Hot Weather Outfit Wrapunzel

Love, Andrea

14 thoughts on “No Shvitzing in This Outfit!

  1. Diane


    You look fantastic. I bought the white pashmina for Yom Kippur & added a shimmery then.

    I love your colorful top. You look so summery.
    I’m trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow when for flag day, they are having a special ceremony to honor & “welcome home” Vietnam Veterans, & my husband is one. I will be with the Bangor Maine Troop Greeters to hand out special certificates. It is the first time any iof them will see me since I began wearing tichels. My skirt is red, white, & blue. I have the red 2in1 which may do it with white lace stretch headband. Add my Wrapunzel navy 3/4 sleeve top. It will be warm as they don’t usually have air conditioning:)
    If it works, I’ll post a photo but don’t think I can in comments. If I can, let me know how.

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  2. frumachava

    I always have such a hard time with white. I really like your tunic/skirt combination. That is for the idea and inspiration!


  3. Or is the one side wrapped all the way around, tucked in at the side and then tail looped around the wrapped part to make the knot. I love the look and keep coming back wondering how it’s done. It’s simple but elegant.


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