One Scarf Many Ways Part 2!

You loved seeing one scarf tied in multiple ways in the last post… so here is another!  This green silk scarf was a gift from a woman who makes them (I posted about it in one of my first Wrapunzel posts) and it often makes an appearance on my head!  This day was full of bike riding so I had to take my tichel off and tie it again a few times… here goes!

The first tie of the day!
The first tie of the day!
The outfit that went with it (sorry for the fuzziness - haven't figured out my camera for these kinds of shots!)
The outfit that went with it (sorry for the fuzziness – haven’t figured out my camera for these kinds of shots!)

The next tie was an experiment… I have seen gorgeous ties with lots of detail at the top and wanted to try it!  This one was beautiful and I got a lot of compliments, but I personally feel like it didn’t suit my personality and face shape.  Hope that someone else is inspired by it!

And last but not least, I needed to tie something on my head quickly when I got home at night… here is a simple wrap using this stunning silk scarf:

ahhhhh simplicity!
ahhhhh simplicity!

Wedding Wow!

MAZAL TOV MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY!!  (Well, two days ago if you don’t go by the Jewish definition of day which starts at sundown.)

Yes, his wife is already lined up to be a Lady Wrap Star!

Here are some unofficial photos what I wore!  Aqua is the bride’s favourite colour 🙂

Black Gets Colourful!

I must say, that as much as I love wearing lots of colour, I do enjoy my basic blacks!  The ease and elegance of it is simply unmatched.  That being said, I wanted to wear black today and be colourful as well!  Here’s is a post about how I went about being colourful and wearing black too!

First, a beautiful jewel multi-toned scarf with a sparkly black accent sash:

Paired with the right accessories:
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And a lovely outfit contrasted with a black top and belt:
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

I enjoyed what I wore today very much.  The colour was joyful, the silhouette was feminine yet comfortable, and the black was pulled together.  Shana tova!

Now tell us, what are some new combinations/experiments you have tried lately, and how did it go?

Wedding Wow!

What kind of head wrap should one wear to a wedding?  And epic one!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel wedding

This style is an elegant waterfall twist wrap with the new sash that I featured last week thrown in for extra wow power!  I put my bun/volumizer much higher than usual to give it extra height.  Here it is from the side:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel wedding

And from the other side:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel wedding

And since many of you have been asking me to do full outfit posts as well as headwraps… this next shot is for you!  I am still debating whether or not I want to post my clothing choices because this site is about hair wrapping, not modest fashion (there are many ladies on here that wrap their hair and do not dress like I do) but I know it can sometimes be hard to match wraps with outfits.  Disclaimer: I am not a fashionista in the least and it is hard to take self shots of outfits!  But for what it’s worth, here I am wearing a floor length silk dress ($8 thrift store sale yeah!) and a purple shell underneath:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel wedding

How do I love my velvet headband…

… let me count the ways!

I got this super silky scarf, and my [almost] sister in law expressed her concern for how it would slip off easily!  Enter the velvet headband!  With it, I can wear the slipperiest scarves for hours and hours, and I don’t even need to check on it!


As well… check out this scarf!  It’s much less colourful than my usual, but is elegant and looks beautiful without a complicated tie or volumizer.

The Sashy Accent

It always amazes me how a good sash accessory can completely change the look of a wrap.  Here I am going to show you a simple, purple scarf, wrapped in the exact same way, but when paired with two different sashes, the look is completely changed!  See for yourself!

With a tye-dye, colourful, thin, silk scarf:


And with a ruffled sash (honestly I can’t see how this sash would be worn *not* on one’s head!):

A Silk Wonder!

This scarf, given to me by my mother-in-law, is one of my summer favourites.  It’s made of crushed silk, so it’s light and low maintenance.  The colour changes on the scarf make it look like I’m wearing more than one when really, it feels so light – like I’m barely wearing anything!  For this wrap, I am not wearing the volumizer… just my hair tied up high and the velvet headband with the scarf (it’s hot outside!)

Silk Discovery

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a lovely woman’s scarf “shop” on  For those of you that don’t know, Etsy is a site that allows artistic people to sell their handmade creations via the internet.  I love this concept, because it allows you to buy beautiful creations directly from the creator.  Most of the prices are very reasonable, but even if some things cost a few dollars more, I will gladly pay that to support small businesses and be able to forge a relationship with the person that makes the products.  For me, that relationship is so important and something that my generation is often lacking.  Anyway, I messaged the woman, talked a bit, picked a scarf, and just received it in the mail!  It’s beautiful, colourful, and light.  I love the paneling and that it’s the perfect size to wrap around my head.  Anyway, her name is Norma, and you should check out her creations here.

Here is the scarf I ordered:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk

The first wrap that I did, I used a purple israeli scarf to bring out the purple hues in the green one:



The second wrap (which I’m wearing today) is my father’s influence.  He spoke to me recently, telling me about a woman that he saw on the subway wearing a really cool headwrap.  He tried to describe it as best he could, telling me that the ends were hanging down on both sides like hair, and this is my attempt at recreating what he told me!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk

It’s the simple things…

… that seem to get the most notice 🙂

Yesterday for a performance, I wore this square “silk” scarf (it can’t be silk… cost 10nis aka <$3 in the Jerusalem market) with a complimentary headband.  Instead of letting the tails hang down the back, I pulled them to the side.  Of course, everyone that commented on it was surprised to find out that this is something I do every day and wasn’t just for fashion.

Thursday night! (and FYI)

For those of you that have asked about how-to videos, there is a list of pages on the right sidebar which is all of my 2012 content from youtube and my previous site.  The same links are located in dropdown menus/submenus right beside the “home” button, above.  You’ll find tons of videos and photo tutorials, as well as thoughts, experiences and FAQs.  As well, hank you so much for all the new suggestions so far!  I’m really looking forward to making them happen so keep ’em coming!

tichel scarf flower silk hair head wrap

Here is the scarf that I put on tonight!  (Please note, I will likely not be posting this many updates in the future… I’m just super excited about this new site!)  I was meeting some very important friends, one of whom is getting married this weekend – mazal tov! Here I am wearing a medium silk scarf (with the non-slip velvet headband underneath, of course), and a beautiful flower pin which was given to me by a friend.  My earrings are from the open marketplace in Jerusalem 🙂