How do I love my velvet headband…

… let me count the ways!

I got this super silky scarf, and my [almost] sister in law expressed her concern for how it would slip off easily!  Enter the velvet headband!  With it, I can wear the slipperiest scarves for hours and hours, and I don’t even need to check on it!


As well… check out this scarf!  It’s much less colourful than my usual, but is elegant and looks beautiful without a complicated tie or volumizer.

3 thoughts on “How do I love my velvet headband…

  1. LeeAnn

    oh lookie! You updated your site! I really like the new look. I am so thankful for the velvet band (also known as the grip comfort band, wig grip, comfort grip band, etc.). I have been able to wear things that I wasn’t able to before getting one either. They do stretch however so it is nice to have at least two in your stash, one to wear while the other is getting washed and then they don’t wear out so fast.

    Thank you Andrea again for such a wonderful place to come and see new things for our hair.


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