Hearing Equipment? No Problem!

One question that we get asked from time to time is how women with hearing aids and cochlear implants manage to wear head scarves. Does it affect the device’s functionality? How about volume level? Will the sound be muffled? Enter Wrapunzel fangroup member Mia, who ever so graciously made us this informative video on the ins and outs of wrapping with hearing equipment! She uses Wrapunzel head scarves and wrapping accessories to show you how it’s done and shares some incredibly useful tips and tricks, as well. Thank you, Mia!!!


Do you wrap your head with hearing equipment? What works for you? We’d LOVE to hear about it in the comments below!

How do I love my velvet headband…

… let me count the ways!

I got this super silky scarf, and my [almost] sister in law expressed her concern for how it would slip off easily!  Enter the velvet headband!  With it, I can wear the slipperiest scarves for hours and hours, and I don’t even need to check on it!


As well… check out this scarf!  It’s much less colourful than my usual, but is elegant and looks beautiful without a complicated tie or volumizer.