The Sashy Accent

It always amazes me how a good sash accessory can completely change the look of a wrap.  Here I am going to show you a simple, purple scarf, wrapped in the exact same way, but when paired with two different sashes, the look is completely changed!  See for yourself!

With a tye-dye, colourful, thin, silk scarf:


And with a ruffled sash (honestly I can’t see how this sash would be worn *not* on one’s head!):

5 thoughts on “The Sashy Accent

  1. Burgundy/maroon shades are also great as a base scarf that can be completely altered. I like purples and reds for these types of things since so many clothing have a drop of accent on them that can be brought out by the base scarf. Then you match the rest of the clothing with the second tichel over it…


  2. lynnreedcrowder

    Looking for new posts is an almost daily event for me now….thanks for all you do with color and fabrics and clothing ideas, Andrea!


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