The Sashy Accent

It always amazes me how a good sash accessory can completely change the look of a wrap.  Here I am going to show you a simple, purple scarf, wrapped in the exact same way, but when paired with two different sashes, the look is completely changed!  See for yourself!

With a tye-dye, colourful, thin, silk scarf:


And with a ruffled sash (honestly I can’t see how this sash would be worn *not* on one’s head!):

Thursday’s Volumous Braid

Inspired by a friend that I met the day before (thank you!), I decided to try tying my accent scarf around the bun part of the wrap.  Here is the result!

I love braiding with scarves of different widths – it creates such a neat effect!

Hope you all are looking forward to a lovely weekend.  I sure am, and I am also super excited for the “Lady Wrap Star” that I will be posting on Saturday night!