Daily Scarf Creation!

This wrap didn’t budge from dawn until late at night… even though the sash is slippery silk!

To do this, I did a basic Regal Wrap -Turban with a lilac pashmina scarf, and added a silk sash in for contrast.  Kept my head warm in today’s crazy rain/wind/snow!

3 thoughts on “Daily Scarf Creation!

  1. Elisheva

    Speaking of rain, wind and snow, How do you protect your scarves from weather like that – especially something like the silk sash? (Ever since one time in the rain when the color of my Israeli tichel bled all over the collar of a white shirt I’ve been leaning towards hats or pre-tieds in the rain)


    1. Hi Elisheva – I have a super waterproof raincoat that I wear with the hood up, as well as a warm down coat that I also wear with the hood up when the snow gets thick. (Just take it off carefully to not mess up your scarf!) In the rain, I also use an umbrella. I haven’t had any mishaps yet, but you are right, bleeding can happen and it is sometimes better to wear a hat outside and put your wrap on when you get indoors.


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