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An Immensely Happy Excuse :)

I haven’t posted for the last couple of days because… my brother got engaged!!  Mazal tov!  My husband and I are so happy to be getting an incredible little sister, who also will definitely be a future Lady Wrap Star.  Here is the wrap that I wore to celebrate with them:


Sunrise Hues

There was a time when I went through a contrasting colour phase;  All the colours I wore had to be contrast with each other, especially the ones on my head!  Blue and orange, yellow and purple, green and pink, etc. would all make bold appearances together.  However, lately I am going through a monochromatic phase where I will pair together blue and green, purple and navy, red and orange, and pink with blush.  Today was no exception!  What colour pairings are you loving lately?

Grey Day – Blue Scarf!

The rainy weather today called for a simple regal wrap turban.  This is by far my most worn style – it’s so easy once you get the knack of it, and everyone always asks how it is done!  There are no limits to how casual or fancy it can be, especially when you factor in accessories 🙂

The Switcheroo

So… I started the day off with a beautiful navy and turquoise wrap:

But someone (*cough) didn’t account for the purse/backpack straps that I would be taking on and off all day, so a switch was needed because the hanging tails kept getting tangled. Luckily I brought along a hat!  So now the rest of the day will be spent in this:

I really like this hat!  It matches so much of my wardrobe and is the perfect size.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!