Grey Day – Blue Scarf!

The rainy weather today called for a simple regal wrap turban.  This is by far my most worn style – it’s so easy once you get the knack of it, and everyone always asks how it is done!  There are no limits to how casual or fancy it can be, especially when you factor in accessories 🙂

3 thoughts on “Grey Day – Blue Scarf!

  1. Tova s.

    Hi! So my problem with turbans, which I am sure is not uncommon is that either the who,e thing slips backwards or the wrapped part slips off the back. I don’t have a big bun to keep it in place. Any suggestions? Do you have a tutorial video? Thanks!


    1. Hi Tova,
      A couple of pointers – you need a scarf that is not made of a slippery material. This wrap is possible with a more slippy scarf but much more difficult. Secondly, you should look into getting a volumizer. This is a cap that is worn to give you extra oomph in the back. The volumizer look can also be done with a sock, extra scarf, and/or one of those bun creator thingies that you can get at hair shops. Here is a tutorial video!


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