An Immensely Happy Excuse :)

I haven’t posted for the last couple of days because… my brother got engaged!!  Mazal tov!  My husband and I are so happy to be getting an incredible little sister, who also will definitely be a future Lady Wrap Star.  Here is the wrap that I wore to celebrate with them:


8 thoughts on “An Immensely Happy Excuse :)

  1. Chava Canales

    Mazal Tov to your brother and new sister! I hope their marriage is filled with love, patience, and, Has hem, please, many children!


  2. Mazel tov to your brother and soon-to-be little sister-in-law :). May their marriage be full of love, joy, brachos, nachas and children and may you all be a wonderful connected family.

    I love the wrap you’re wearing on the picture !


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