The Switcheroo

So… I started the day off with a beautiful navy and turquoise wrap:

But someone (*cough) didn’t account for the purse/backpack straps that I would be taking on and off all day, so a switch was needed because the hanging tails kept getting tangled. Luckily I brought along a hat!  So now the rest of the day will be spent in this:

I really like this hat!  It matches so much of my wardrobe and is the perfect size.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!


4 thoughts on “The Switcheroo

  1. I love your hat and thanks for this blog. I’m not married yet but i love all your hair wrappings and will definitely use what you teach here on how to wrap and colours and such when i’ll be married :).
    Thank you.


  2. They both look great- it’s a good reminder that sometimes simplicity is just as beautiful as complexity (as much as I, quite obviously, love complexity). The only problem? I’m definitely a belt And suspenders kind of girl. Hats always feel a little uncertain to me- I almost always have a scarf on underneath. Does yours stay on comfortably? How do you trust it?


    1. When I use the velvet grip band underneath, I certainly trust my hats. It’s difficult to find ones that fit your head properly. Too loose – falls off. Too tight – headaches! Luckily, this one is the perfect fit, but you are right, I often do wear a scarf underneath.


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